If my IBM i could talk, it would ask for iTech Solutions

Get the most out of your IBM i and IBM Power Systems with our
experience, know-how, and expertise

We help you get the most from your IBM i.

iTech Solutions has been an IBM Business Partner for 20+ years, offering customized and flexible business solutions for your IBM i.

Our team is comprised of certified IBM Power System sales and technical consultants, IBM i system administrators, and skilled technicians that are focused on ensuring you are getting the most from your system through our wide range of IBM i knowledge and expertise.

What We Do


We can configure, install, and implement your IBM Power Systems, HMC, LPAR configurations, and storage solutions.

OS Upgrades

We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to keep your IBM i OS current and your system up to date.


Our Tier III data centers offer cloud hosting for IBM i environments of any size through our iInTheCloud solution.

Managed Services

Certified Administrators can remotely monitor your IBM i environments 24/7, allowing your IT staff to focus on initiatives that help drive business.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

We can help implement high availability, or help ensure that you are prepared to recover in the event of a disaster.


Our IBM i Security Monitoring utilizes industry-leading security solutions to intelligently defend your IBM i systems against threats.

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