June 2008 Newsletter


Happy Birthday AS/400!  This week our beloved machine will celebrate its 20th birthday (more about that in our third feature article).  How times have changed, and how times have improved. You would have to admit that the AS/400 has seen many great improvements over the years.   In previous newsletters, we covered news on 6.1.  We have other topics this month.

This issue of our newsletter has four articles.  In the first, we’ll take a look at the mystery jobs of V5R4. As performance is an issue in most shops, our second article deals with the number of jobs in your system.  Learn the differences between number of jobs in WRKACTJOB and WRKSYSSTS and how you should properly configure your System values for these. The third article is some commentary on the AS/400’s birthday. The last article has the updated PTF information for your use.

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Mystery Jobs in V5R4 
After upgrades to V5R4, it’s almost inevitable that I get a call from the customer asking, “What are the 74 SRVMON jobs that are now running in QUSRWRK subsystem?”  Immediately followed by the question, “Do I need them all?”   I will answer the second question first, only because it’s easier.  Yes, you do need them all.  Ok, now that you know that you need them, what are they, and why are there 74?

When the Service Monitor starts, a series of watches are initiated. There is one watch for each policy defined in the policy file. There is a one-to-one relationship between a started watch and a job being started. These jobs are named SRVMONxxxx, with the xxxx being sequential numbers. They currently run from 0000 to 0073.  These jobs are watching for problems on your system, and each job is specialized for a particular kind