May 2009 Newsletter

Spring has finally arrived, but we have been so busy upgrading companies from V5R3 that we have hardly noticed.  I think everyone waited for the support on i5/OS V5R3 to expire at the end of April, and then called us to upgrade their operating system. Hence, we are a little late with this issue.  If you are still on V5R3 give us a call.
This issue of our newsletter has four articles. In the first, we want to make you aware of Work Station Customization Objects to improve how your reports print on your network printers. The second article is about how to make using the iSeries Job Scheduler easier to use.The third article is about using the Audit log to capture when commands are executed and their parameters.  The last article is for your reference with updated PTF information for your use.

Just a reminder, that support for i5/OS V5R3 HAS ended April 30, 2009. Give us a call and we will do the upgrade to V5R4 or V6R1 for you.

iTech Solutions can help you improve performance, upgrade i5/OS, perform security audits, implement a High Availability solution, VoIP, Systems Management, PTF management, Blade installations, iSCSI Configurations, upgrade an existing machine, or upgrade to a new machine.  If you are thinking of LPAR or HMC, then think iTech Solutions.  We have the skills to help you get the most out of your System i.

For more information on any of the articles below please visit us at on the web at iTech Solution  or  email iTech Solutions.


Skewed Reports from your Network Printers
Do you have printers on your network that print reports from every computer perfectly, except for when you print from the iSeries (AS/400, IBM i, or i5) ?  The reports from the iSeries always seem to be skewed to the left, with a huge white margin on the right.  In addition, the font is so small that you can hardly read it.
I find this at almost every customer that I visit. It’s a shame because there are usually so many high quality printers around at these shops, but none of them print correctly when attached to the iSeries. There is a fix for this, and we use Work Station Customization Objects to transform the ASCII print.  Yes, they are called Work Station Customization Objects (WSCST) even though we are customizing the printers.  The