August 2010 Newsletter

Some of you have told me that when it comes to dealing with upgrades, PTFs, and doing Systems Management you would rather be like Steven Slater, the flight attendant on JetBlue: and just grab two beers, pull the rip-cord, and bolt down the emergency slide to get away from it all. They said he had unruly passengers.  Perhaps you have unruly users, have out-of-control performance issues, are unsure what you are really backing up, require PTFs, or are looking at an insurmountable V6R1 upgrade?  We can keep you on the plane and away from the slide! This is why you should call iTech Solutions when you have a problem on your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, i5).  We can help you with those annoying upgrades, handling your PTFs by getting you on our quarterly maintenance program, performing a health-check, remote administration, remote hosting, replication, or anything else in the Systems Management or Administration area.  We have the experience, the expertise, and the knowledge to help you.

Well we have certainly been busy with new machine installs, i5/OS upgrades, and other projects this summer.  Although, I have to say everyone at iTech Solutions has managed to take some vacation time this summer to refresh our batteries. We hope you have as well. August was a huge month for IBM i, with the refresh of the product line with low end Power7 servers.  Let me tell you there is nothing low-end about these servers, and I will share some insight into these announcements from the time I spent at Power Systems Champions class in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago.

We have packed a lot of information into this newsletter, and I hope that you find this useful. This issue of our newsletter has five articles. In the first, I want to discuss some things you need to think about for restoring your system. The second article is on the August 17th Power7 announcements. The third article is Hold Job Schedule Entries. The fourth article is a list of upcoming events we will be participating in.  The last article is for your reference with updated PTF information.

iTech Solutions can help you improve performance, upgrade i5/OS, perform security audits, implement a High Availability solution, Health Checks, Systems Management, Remote Administration,  PTF management, Blade installations, iSCSI Configurations, Backup/Recovery, upgrade an existing machine, or upgrade to a new machine.  If you are thinking of