Day: August 16, 2011

August 2011 Newsletter – Irene


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This is a special edition of our newsletter due to Hurricane Irene, and our regular monthly newsletter will be delivered next week.


Last week we had a rare earthquake in the mid Atlantic region of United States, and this weekend we are bracing for Hurricane Irene to hit up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States.  This is a huge hurricane that will bring massive flooding and wind damage to a very wide area, even if you are not in the direct path of the hurricane. 

“Are you prepared?”

The first question you have to ask yourself is “Do I have a full backup in case my machine is destroyed or damaged?”.  This is probably the number one issue that I see in our industry today.  People don’t have good backups that they can rely on.  For those regular readers of our newsletter, you know I am always stressing that you need to test your recovery, and that still holds out.  If you are unsure of your backups, if you are unsure you can put the pieces of your backups back together again, if you don’t know where your tapes are, or if you just want to insure you have a good backup we will go over some steps below.  You can always call iTech Solutions to help you get your machine restored, but if you don’t have a backup tape, there isn’t anything we are going to be able to do to restore your data.

Now, once you have your backup, please take the backup tape off-site.   This is the second most important step to perform.  Most likely if your machine is destroyed and the tape is inside the tape drive (Don’t laugh I see this all the time), or the tape is on top of the computer, that most likely will also be destroyed.  So, move that tape to an other location !

Below are the simplest steps for performing a full system backup.  Now, if you are using BRMS or have your own save strategy that is fine.  I am just providing the most simplest backup procedures so you can get a full system backup.

Step 1: Determine how many tapes you will require for your backup and initialize them.  If you don’t know, initialize 3 tapes which should be ample for the backup.

August 2011 Newsletter


i can do anything with iTech Solutions


First, we hope that you and your families are safe and dry after this weekend’s hurricane.  We are all glad to see Irene leave the area. Our phones at iTech Solutions never stopped ringing on Friday as customer after customer called with questions.  We were glad that we were able to help so many of you.  As with any event like this, we need to reflect on the things we have learned from Hurricane Irene.  Our procedures, our backups, location of our tapes, electrical requirements, machine location, etc.  I hope you spend the coming week looking back on what you should improve, what steps you can change to make things better, or how you should be testing your disaster recovery procedures.  An event like this or similar will happen again, and you need to make sure you are prepared.  When was the last time you tested your backups by recovering your system? If you answered never, you really need to think about testing your recovery.


Each month our newsletter brings to light tips and techniques that help many System Administrators in their job, as well as managers know what is happening in the IBM i world.  We are happy to be able to help so many people in the IBM i community.  The number of iTech Solutions customers is growing each month, and that is due to our commitment to our customers, our services, and the support that we provide.  Find out for yourself what it is like to work with a business partner who cares about you and your success.



Due to Hurricane Irene, I am going to focus this month’s articles on Backup, Recovery, and Planning. This issue of our newsletter has five articles. In the first, we look at a iTech Solutions Cloud Based Backup Solution. Giving you the ability to easily and efficiently backup your system to our Virtual Tape Vault, getting your data immediately off-site.  How handy would that have been this past weekend? The second article is How to Recover your system.   The third article lists some of the upcoming events in which iTech Solutions will be participating.  The fourth article is how to start journaling all objects in a library. The last article is for your reference with updated PTF information.



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