March 2015 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • My HMC needs coffee
  • IBM i Software Amnesty
  • Release levels and PTFs

March madness is upon us, and I am not talking about basketball.  The demand for new systems and upgrades has been overwhelming this first quarter, as customers want their operating systems upgraded to IBM i 7.2, and we have installed many Power8 machines. Every machine that we install just is a huge jump in performance from the replacement machines, even when replacing a Power7 machine with a Power8 machine.  In addition, the number of customers installing SSDs is increasing, and since every IBM i seems to be I/O bound, these SSDs really help.  March is also the start of conference season. We had a very successful Systems Management conference in Chicago this month, everyone loved the longer session times, and the one-on-one that we were able to provide. Next, we will be speaking and exhibiting at Northeast Users Group Conference in Framingham at the end of March, followed by speaking and exhibiting at the annual COMMON conference in Anaheim end of April, and then speaking at the IBM Edge conference in Las Vegas in May. Followed by COMMON Europe in Gdansk, Poland end of May.  It just seems that all the conferences tend to be lumped together at the same time of year.…