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Posted on September 28, 2015

Last month, we discussed how to find and download IBM i Access Client Solutions, the new Java-based client software that is intended to replace the older platform-specific IBM i Access family offerings. Now that you’ve solved the maze IBM wants you to navigate in order to download the product, let’s talk about what’s next. Note: This assumes you are on a Windows PC and are moving from IBM i Access for Windows, but most of these concepts work the same on other platforms. Client Solutions comes as a single .zip

Posted on September 14, 2015

This newsletter includes: Migrating to IBM i Access Client Solutions What makes iTech Solutions the best option as your business partner? Connection Pooling Take the 2016 IBM i Marketplace survey Release levels and PTFs It’s been a busy past few months with OS upgrades and new Power8 machines. That is an understatement as we have been crazy busy. I did an early morning OS upgrade today, and now I am sitting out on the lake relaxing and writing the newsletter. Fall is upon us, and the leaves are starting to

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