April 2016 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • IBM i 7.3 Overview
  • Release levels and PTFs

Good morning, and its a great morning if you run IBM i.  Today, a new release of IBM i has been announced, 7.3.  There are tons of new and cool things, but I want you to be aware of the highlights that are being announced.  We have been a beta-site since January of this year, helping IBM test the new release.  I have to tip my hat again to the developers at IBM Rochester, another Rock Solid release.  It’s been fun learning and upgrading IBM i on our machines, and we have developed a brochure for your use called “7.3 things you need to know to upgrade to 7.3″.

Steve Will, the Chief Architect of IBM i and myself will be doing a presentation on April 19 & 21, all about IBM i 7.3.  Steve will talk about the new features, and I will discuss what you need to know to upgrade to IBM i 7.3.  We had originally stated this webinar would be on What’s new with IBM i due to the fact we couldn’t mention this release by number before the announcement, but that seminar will be all about 7.3.…