January 2017 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • How to IPL 
  • Practice makes perfect….. why we need to do DR testing
  • Using Zend Server (PHP) and Upgrading to IBM i 7.2 or higher causes a problem
  • Enhancements to BRMS Parallel Saves in IBM i 7.2
  • Release levels and PTFs

Everyone at iTech Solutions hopes you all had an amazing holiday, and your new year is off to a great start.  The New Year is always filled with great ideas, motivated goals, aspirations, and ways we think we can improve ourselves.  Hey, even if you don’t succeed at all of them, just trying or wanting to be is admirable. As IT professionals, we should be at least doing the following:

    • When was the last time you updated your email signature? Wait; don’t have an email signature, great time to create one.  Perhaps you changed your specialization, or you just moved to a new area with a new phone number?
    • When was the last time you fully backed up your phone, your iPad, your PC? Don’t have a backup device, go get one at just about any store and use it to back up your data. Don’t forget those pictures. You don’t want to lose those memories.