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Posted on February 12, 2017

Hi iTech Fan, Love is certainly in the air today, as IBM announces two new Technology Refreshes and a small new Power System for IBM i, known as the S812. For those people who follow IBM i closely, you will notice that it is a bit earlier than normal (April and October) for IBM to deliver Technology Refreshes (TR), these were announced earlier than normal as they are needed for the new S812 machine.  But it seems that the same levels of enhancements are in the new TRs as we have

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Greetings iTech Fan, i can do anything with iTech Solutions I hope you got a chance to read our Valentines Day edition of the iTech Solutions Newsletter, where we talked about the new Technology Refreshes for IBM i 7.2 and 7.3.  Notice there isn’t anything new for 7.1.  Read the 3rd article in the newsletter on the 7.1 life cycle, and where we think it is. IBM needs to make a stand on IBM i 7.1, either drop support or add security enhancements it has put into 7.2.  If you are

Posted on February 1, 2017

The use of Managed Services are predicted to continue to increase in 2017. Companies are realizing that focusing on what they do best can provide them with a competitive edge. This is especially true in IT. Whether you want to supplement your staff, become more proactive with your system maintenance or shorten your problem resolution time, Managed Services can help. Supplementing your existing staff with an IBM i Certified Systems Administrator will allow your team to focus on core business strategies and innovation. Often small companies don’t have a dedicated

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