August 2017 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • How good are your backups?
  • Who Unplugged my Excel Plugin?
  • IBM Adds Support for SMB2 on 7.2
  • SPOF in the IBM i World
  • Release Levels and PTFs

If you live in the area impacted by Hurricane Harvey, we hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe.  We also wanted to let you know that iTech Solutions is here for you during this time.  If you need technical support, to ask questions during a save or restore, need help on bringing your system back up after the floods subside, or have a hardware failure that you need help to debug, give us a call.  We will help at no charge. We can even work with you to perform a restore while you attend to other things like your house and family.  We can help you with any IBM i System Admin function you need help with.  We stand with the members of the IBM i community during this time, don’t hesitate to ask for some help.  If you need a recovery machine or partition, we can help you out again at no charge for 30 days.

For the rest, are you prepared and ready if this were to happen to you? I believe that it is important to review your backups, analyze what is being backed up, and what isn’t, and what plans you have to put your system back together in the unlikely event that you were to have a disaster. Remember, backup isn’t just about checking to make sure there are no error messages in QSYSOPR, but actually testing a full system restore.  You want to test out the process when it isn’t an emergency. It is for a full test of your system recovery based upon how you normally backup your system.  If you don’t have a machine to test a recovery on, contact our sales group and they can setup a contract for you to use one of our systems in your location, or our location to perform a disaster recovery test.