July 2018 Newsletter

This newsletter includes:

  • Access Client Solutions after upgrading to Windows 10
  • Using Access Client Solutions instead of STRSQL
  • Hurricane season is upon us. Have you done anything since last year?
  • Release Levels and PTFs

I hope you are enjoying the summer, nothing better than Sun, Beach, Vacations, Baseball, and POWER9s. Wait a minute, how did POWER9 get into that list. POWER9 is here in many ways, upcoming announcements, lots of installs, and iTech Solution’s presentations about POWER9 at Baseball games.  It looks from all indications that there is going to be another Power Systems announcement soon, which will be very exciting. Details will be forthcoming, as they are announced. We have been installing many POWER9 scale-out machines, which is the S914, over the last few months.

Last week it was 3 new systems,  as we are growing, I don’t get out as much as I used to, as we have so many more people who are in the field, but I still talk to the customers, as much as possible. They all pretty much say the same thing, “It’s lightning fast, and the migration was so easy, you guys made the migration look so easy”. POWER9 makes it fast, iTech Solutions makes is it an easy migration.  That is what I love hearing. Next, let me explain about bringing Baseball to POWER9.…