Day: September 25, 2018

How to Evaluate Your Managed Service’s Needs


Managed Services can be tailored to fit the needs of your business, which means you need to evaluate where a third party provider can provide you with the most benefits. Identifying where you have vulnerabilities or gaps with your system administration is the easiest place to start.

When building your case for managed services, we recommend you focus on three key areas:

  1. Your resources
  2. Their available time
  3. Skills gaps

Existing System Administrator Resources

Do you have only one IBM i System Administrator?  Is this person a dedicated System Administrator?

Replacing an IBM i system administrator can be a challenge. If your current administrator is near retirement, now is a good time to consider managed services.  You should compare the cost of a full-time employee versus the cost of outsourcing tasks to a third party.…

Managed Service vs Self Service


Managing a large and complex server like the IBM i, can be daunting. Add to this the fact that you may have Scaling Up/Down/In/Out, need to control High Availability and Monitoring, Patching, Manage Backups and Restores, you have to ensure the OS is kept up to date. Even the fundamentals such as security and configuration can take significant expertise.

To do this, you need the right skills, operational procedures while maintaining a best practice approach while adhering to stringent Internal/external governance.

Imagine if all you had to do is manage your database, or like many of our customers; they only have to manage Database Clients and Queries, Create Indexes and Maintain referential constraints between tables.

A managed service partner takes care of everything else; this will include:

Managed IBM i High availability using Multi-LPAR topologies, which provides an SLA up-time of 99.95%.

With the Multi-LPAR features enabled on your production server, iTech provides asynchronous “standby” replica of every database and system across multiple systems. Since both the database and its replica are in sync, there is no chance of data loss. iTech manages the whole process, and also offers a fully managed failover service, so even if the master production database goes down, an automatic failover mechanism will change the master DNS to a replica to achieve high availability.

This same technology also offers us the chance to move other workloads off the production, such as Queries and backups. This can have a huge benefit on busy production databases.

To do all of the above on IBM servers, you would need significant investment in infrastructure, software and additional off grid premises, to house the standby systems; this would be expensive, and self-managed.

IBM i scalability is difficult, to do this your own would require time, money and training. Handling mandatory downtimes due to upgrades or infrastructure requirements can be tricky, and this is just the beginning of the many scalability responsibilities. That is why one of iTech’s key advantages is its scaling service. You need more capacity to test a new feature, or you want a second system to try out a new application, we have a solution. Moreover, iTech MSP offers two levels of scalability features: vertical and horizontal.

Security Managed Services –

We enable push-button IBM i security with a scaling component depending on your needs. After a small amount of analysis, we will have turned on …