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Making the IBM i Bubble Bigger
Posted on March 27, 2019

This article is originally published from MC Press Online. To see the original article, visit their post here. Yes, high-praise press is good. So build on it. One of the most interesting developments to come out of IBM Think this year was an eWeekarticle entitled “IBM i: The Most Amazing IBM Product You’ve Never Heard Of.” What? The platform had a flag-waving endorsement from outside our community? In eWeek? The Rob Enderle article started off like this: “Occasionally, I run into a product that just has me sitting back wondering if

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Do you have those days when you just can’t remember the correct syntax for the command you need to use? Most IBM i commands are based on display (DSP) to just display a certain object, like Device Description, File, Data Area, Authority, JOB… you get the picture. Then there is Change (CHG) to change a particular kind of object.  My favorite is Work-With (WRK), this allows you to look at/change what is currently there. (like with a device description and change the address). But if you can’t remember the command,

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We all know IBM i on POWER is an extremely reliable platform, often running for years with no outside intervention or upkeep. That said, there’s no accounting for hardware failures, undocumented “features,” or sunspots. One of the things that keeps this platform so reliable is its ability to call for help when something does go wrong. Problem reports are often preventative or predictive in nature, meaning that IBM can help you address failures even before they begin to affect system performance or uptime. While Call Home functionality can sometimes mean

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One of the best parts of my job is visiting and helping customers.  Recently, one of the salespeople brought me on a sales call to a new prospects office.  The prospect was basically interviewing us. I will summarize our meeting with just a few of his questions.  He asked what separates us apart from other IBM Business Partners, since we all sell the same IBM hardware.  Without hesitation, I answered our IBM i knowledge, experience, and know how when it comes to your system.  Our team of experienced technical engineers

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Below are IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs for March 2019. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.

COMMON CONNECT: Cognitive Compurting & AI
Posted on March 7, 2019

Pete Massiello and Richie Palma have articles published within the February 2019 COMMON Connect Newsletter with a focus on cognitive computing. Massiello’s article, “Your Company Will Likely Go Out of Business” covers the advantage of cognitive computing, its relation to IBM i and the importance of using your data.

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Rapid Fire Admin This overflowing session is designed to help ensure every IBM i administrator and operator has at least a backpack full of valuable tips for when they return home. From command line to shell to IBM Navigator for i, Steve will sprint through these tips at a pace of at least two tips per minute, for at least 150 tips! This session is updated every quarter with new and relevant information so that you don’t miss good foundational tips but are keeping up with what updates IBM is releasing on

Posted on March 5, 2019

What You Need to Know to Successfully Upgrade to 7.3, 7.2, and 7.1 (75 minutes) When doing an upgrade to IBM i, there is more work involved in the planning of the upgrade than in the actual upgrade itself. When you have done the planning, the actual upgrade is simple. We will cover planning tips, pre-requisites, and then post-installation requirements. Your upgrade isn’t complete until this last step is done. While this presentation will focus on upgrading to 7.3, if you are upgrading to an earlier release (7.1, 7.2), we

iTech Solutions COMMON 2018 Fall Conference Speaker Awards
Posted on March 1, 2019

iTech Solutions’ Pete Massiello, Yvonne Enselman, Richie Palma, and Steve Pitcher have been recognized for their sessions at Fall 2018 COMMON conference. COMMON speaker awards are designed to recognize speaker excellence. After each session at the COMMON conference, attendees are given a feedback form to rate their sessions on content and delivery. You can read more about the details of the awards here.

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