Day: September 25, 2019

SMB Version Support for IBM i NetServer

One of the topics that seem to pop up in my email on a regular basis is SMB. If you have users that access the IFS through Windows file shares or mapped drives, then you’re probably already somewhat familiar with NetServer. NetServer is an implementation of the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol used primarily by Windows clients for file and print sharing. It is to IBM i what Samba is to Unix and similar platforms.

Over the years, several different versions of the SMB protocol have been released to address shortcomings, add features, and increase security. Support for the various flavors is generally broken down into broad categories of SMBv1, SMBv2, and SMBv3, although there are minor revisions to each of these. The latest version introduced by Microsoft with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 is v3.1.1. It is important to be aware of the different versions because in order for two machines to converse using SMB, both sides need to support a common version.…

8 Important Tips for Upgrading your MIMIX Environment

Here are 8 helpful hints for upgrading your MIMIX environment. It is important to keep you MIMIX environment update to ensure you are replicating properly.

One of the most important things with any upgrade is to determine compatibility between the OS and the releases of 3rd party software. MIMIX is no different, and this chart shows you which versions of MIMIX are compatible with which versions of IBM i.…

Excluding Items from the IFS backup in BRMS

I have been asked by customers using BRMS, if there is an easy way to exclude objects in the IFS, that are unable to be saved, when using *LINK, to prevent getting the softer error: “Save of list *LINK completed with errors” (BRM10A1 is issued)”.

There are several methods:

  • Create and use a BRMS backup list in your backup control group, type *LNK, specifying the IFS directories or files you want to include and omit, and use that as a backup item *LNK in your BRMS backup control group for saving IFS information.
  • When using *LINK, list type *LNK, as a backup item in your backup control group, for saving the IFS, use the BRMS backup list, type *LNK, QLNKOMT, to specify any directories or links to be excluded from a *LNK backup, by adding them to the OQLNKOMT user-modifiable list.  This is the method I will discuss in further detail in this article.