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Posted on October 25, 2019

This newsletter includes: How to install via the USB Drive Using File Shares in IBM i What to Know ABout IBM i 7.3 TR6 and 7.4 TR1 It’s Domino Renewal Time Upcoming Events IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs Where has the year gone? I can’t believe the summer is over, and it is November next week. Quite a few things have been going on, first I enjoyed being a speaker at IBM’s Technical University 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas, meeting and talking with so many

Posted on October 21, 2019

Below are IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs for October 2019. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.

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IBM i 7.3 TR7 and 7.4 TR1 were announced during IBM Tech U and will be generally available on November 16, 2019.  This refresh includes many enhancements to improve further the reliability, availability, and security of your IBM i environment. Some of the major enhancements are focused on DB2 Mirror for IBM i, enhancements to help developers modernize, increased security, and support for new hardware. I’m going to highlight some of the features that improve the security and administration of your system.  There are also many enhancements for RDi that

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We have some great news! As of just recently, iTech Solutions has become an HCL Business Partner. What does that mean for you? For starters, iTech can now review your existing IBM maintenance agreements for the following products: Notes Domino Connections Sametime And more! Why should we review your maintenance agreements before renewal?

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When installing software on a new machine, or even slipping the License Internal Code, you can now do this via the USB.  I will show you how to download IBM I 7.4 LIC, but you can do this for 7.2, 7.3, or 7.4. My screenshots show 7.4, and the only difference would be the USB I_BASE_01 code for each release.  For POWER7, POWER7+, POWER8, and POWER9 systems tag the USB adapter as the alternate restart adapter using an HMC.  For POWER9 systems not managed by an HMC the USB system

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How to Remove a File Share You can stop sharing an existing file share by using IBM Navigator for i or System i Navigator. To remove a file share, follow these steps:  In IBM Navigator for i In IBM Navigator for i, under the IBM i Management node, expand File Systems > Integrated File System. Navigate through the file system folders until you locate the folder that contains the file for which you want to remove a share. Click on this folder to display its contents in the console workspace. Right-click the shared directory that

Posted on October 17, 2019

On-Demand Webinar Are you relying on doing a WRKSYSSTS once a day to understand the true status of your systems? There’s a lot more information in your IBM i that you need to know about. Have no fear, it’s super easy to find! Major takeaways: Discover what you should really be looking at to keep your systems in good order Learn the value of SQL and IBM i Services Leave with some working code to help you find information [Register here]    

Posted on October 16, 2019

Understand the different ways to save your system, using BRMS or traditional native commands. Learn about what you need to restore your system, and the steps involved to perform the restore. Tips will be given along the way on best practices. This webinar will cover: Understanding basic backup and recovery If you are saving the right information to recover your system What you need to know to recover your system [Watch Now ]    

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