2020 Software Maintenance (SWMA) ALF Amnesty Program

Has your SWMA lapsed?  If yes, we can help you get it reinstated and save you money.

Here’s a short video from Laurie LeBlanc explaining what this means:


IBM has announced a limited time After License Fee (ALF) Amnesty program.  The program will enable you to reinstate your maintenance with no ALF fee.  The typical ALF is two times the cost of the SWMA, which can be cost-prohibitive for some.

The waiver is valid for renewals through August 30, 2020.  So, you need to act soon to take advantage of the savings.

If your Hardware Maintenance has lapsed, this is a separate issue.  We can help you with this too.

We’re here to help you save money and get more value from your IBM i.

I’m interested. What are my next steps?

Whether you’re interested in exploring this offer, or ready to jump in, iTech Solutions has a team of experts ready to help. We can help you save and get the most out of your SWMA agreement.

You can opt-in for more details regarding this announcement by filling out the form below.

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