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Posted on July 31, 2020

Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech Advanced BRMS Originally recorded on Tuesday, August 25th , 3PM ET [ Watch Now ]

Posted on July 30, 2020

iADMIN Fall 2020 – An IBM i Virtual Conference [ Watch On-Demand ] Two Full Days. Live IBM i Focused Sessions. No Cost. If you’re like us, you might be bummed that we’re unable to attend in-person events and conferences this year. This is why we’ve created a full virtual experience and bring IBM i education right to you. Watch now on-demand.

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This newsletter includes: CHGOWN: Easily Change Object Ownership The Importance of Being On Time: How to Configure the NTP Client on IBM i iTech iTip Videos What does “secure connection error, return code-23” mean? No. Your IBM i Isn’t Secure. [ Webinar Series ] Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech [Podcast Episode] Disaster Recovery: What’s the Difference Between the Various Components? Upcoming Events IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs ( July 2020) First, I hope you and your families are healthy, safe, and secure as the virus

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Below is a table of the major group PTFs for the last few releases. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.

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With the push to secure all data traffic to our critical systems, many organizations are moving to secured versions of classic technology. One project we see repeatedly is the switch from insecure FTP to encrypted FTPS. Not to be confused with SFTP, FTPS stands for FTP over SSL/TLS and it is to FTP what HTTPS is to HTTP. Just like secure web pages, FTPS uses a system of certificates to encrypt and secure FTP transfers. If you’re making the switch to FTPS, you may find that you begin to receive

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I had an interesting but not surprising conversation with a customer last week to talk about IBM i security. They said: “IBM i is just bulletproof. We don’t have to worry about security. That’s the value of IBM i.” It’s something heard all too often. And that’s my cue to tell someone just how ugly their baby is. I’m not going to sugar coat it because the stakes are far too high. Once again, IBM i is highly securable. Perhaps more than any other operating system ever created. It is

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When managing your IBM i environment, is time on your side? Do you still manually maintain the system clock on your IBM i system and occasionally adjust it to exactly the right time and/or still manually correct it in the Spring/Fall when we roll the clocks forward/backward?  Well, read on, and we’ll tell you how to configure the system to automatically do that for you so you can put your system’s clock management on full autopilot. Your IBM i operating system includes built-in support for the industry-standard NTP (Network Time

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Object ownership is very important on IBM i, as often group profiles are used to secure objects, and sometimes programs are compiled to run under the authority of the profile that owns the program. There are times when a decision is made to change the owner of a particular library in order to change the scheme of securing objects, or you may go to restore a library to another system, and realize that the profile that owned the objects on the original system, does not exist on the target system

Posted on July 28, 2020

Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech How to Manage Your Journal Receiver in MIMIX Originally recorded on Friday, August 21st, 11 AM ET [ Watch Now ]

Posted on July 27, 2020

Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech Reasons to Move to the Cloud Originally recorded Tuesday, August 18th, 3PM ET [ Watch Now ]

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Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech DDM: What Do These Pieces Have to Do with One Another? Originally recorded on Friday, August 14th, 11AM ET [ Watch Now ]

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Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech What Are Exit Points and How Do Exit Points Work Originally recorded Friday, August 28th, 11AM ET [ Register Now ]

Posted on July 21, 2020

Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech Migrating to IBM i to Access Client Solutions Originally took place on Tuesday, August 11th [ Watch Now ]

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Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech Best Practices for Using OpenSSH Originally took place on Tuesday, August 4th [ Watch Now ]

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