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Posted on October 28, 2020

This newsletter includes: Accidental Deletes on External Storage: How Volume Protection can Prevent a Disaster Reviewing MIMIX IBM i Protection Reports Important Notice Regarding the Latest POWER9 Model G Firmware Demystifying Quality Assurance Processes as pertains to IBM i Systems and Infrastructure Making the Case to Keep Your IBM i iTech iTip Videos [ Webinar Series ] Sips & Tricks: Coffee with iTech [Podcast Episode] The Benefits, Features and Functions of External Storage Upcoming Events IBM i, FSP, and HMC release levels and PTFs (October 2020) October has been a

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Below is a table of the major group PTFs for the last few releases. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.

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A good CIO will take a hard look at the status quo to determine if it is still the right decision.  While we love our IBM i and don’t want the CIO to consider migration, it’s part of the job. They need to consider future business needs such as availability, scalability, security, and modernization to keep the budget in good shape.  The good news is these are all things that IBM i is poised to help companies to achieve. The HelpSystems’ 2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey results indicate that security

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Reviewing your MIMIX protection reports is very important for your MIMIX HA solution. You may have all your data groups synced and your audit reports are running clean but if you are missing replication on libraries and objects you need then you will have issues if you need to switch. You can access the protection report through the precisely AUI interface. You will sign-on and look at the Analysis tab and this will show you libraries, directories, and folders status of replication. The goal is to have no libraries or

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If you have an IBM SAN (Storwize or FlashSystem family) then you may be familiar with the process of deleting volumes within the storage management GUI. It’s basically as simple as right-clicking on a volume and selecting “delete.” Pretty easy, but as we all know sometimes easy is dangerous. Have you ever considered what would happen if you tried to delete something that might actually be in use? IBM has thought of that, too. The delete process is a one-way trip and there are a couple of checks in place

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If your POWER9 is one of the new refreshed models (9009-41G, 9009-42G, or 9009-22G), then you may be familiar with the fact that your QPRCFEAT system value does not match the processor feature code as ordered from IBM. This is because—while IBM provided unique feature codes for the different processors in the new model—the actual CPU hardware is identical to the original POWER9 models. Internally, the FSP knows that the chips are the same and reports the actual CPU identifier to the Operating System. This mismatch has already lead to

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All components of an IT ecosystem need testing and validation. Any professional, or student in MIS, knows this, of course. What is harder is determining how to approach a given modification and the testing needed in a pragmatic fashion. There is a process that can be applied to most initiatives that consist of planning, analysis of the context, definition of tasks, estimation of effort, and risk mitigation. When we address what needs to be delivered in a pragmatic sense, the priorities are easy to see. Once we start into a

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iAdmin After Party Live Q&A Originally recorded on Friday, November 6th Whether you joined us for iAdmin and would like more questions answered, or you missed the event  — this is your chance to join us for one last iAdmin event. The iAdmin speakers will be there to answer your questions live. Already have a question? Submit it in the form below when you register. [ Watch Now ]

Posted on October 20, 2020

Webinar: Things to Consider When Moving to the Cloud Originally recorded on Tuesday, November 17th 3:00 PM ET [ Watch Now ]

Posted on October 12, 2020

Let’s face it — 2020 hasn’t been the most stellar year for a lot of companies.  There is still uncertainty about what will happen COVID-19 and the rest of the year. As a result, some companies choose to hold on to their cash and not make capital purchases.  Others have frozen their budgets. With the end of life for the popular E4D coming on December 31, 2020, many IBM i shops face Extended Support. This support is limited in scope.  You can only get a contract for 12 months, and

Posted on October 9, 2020

Managed Services may mean different things to different people.  To some, Managed Services means “I no longer have to do anything or worry about my IBM i”. For others, it means having someone else to bounce ideas off of and to have a backup for time off.  The truth is, it’s both and everything in between. If you’re an Admin, when you hear your boss talk about Managed Services, you might get nervous about job security.  The truth is we work with a lot of companies who have an Admin,

Posted on October 2, 2020

The shutdown across the country is something from a movie. A virus spreads across the globe, and no one can stop it.  People shut themselves inside and keep away from other people due to the fear. Businesses suffer because there is no one on-site to make sure that critical tasks that require human intervention. Except it’s not a movie, its real life. To add chaos, we have wildfires, hurricanes, and storms. Many businesses have been destroyed by disasters.  The question is: Did they have a good backup strategy in place

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