3 Common Problems From Your OS Being Out of Date

We’ve recently written about how important it is to keep your IBM i current with OS releases and PTF’s in order to ensure that your system is secure, available and performing at its peak.

Through years of working with customers and prospects, we have found three things that tend to effect whether or not companies keep their OS current; time, knowledge and money.

Keeping these things in mind, we have developed different services that can help you to keep current.

A common problem we uncover when talking to companies is they don’t have the human resources to complete the tasks on a more regular basis.
When you have a small team of people supporting the platform, everyone is usually stretched thin with little time for other tasks.  Having a partner who you can offload these tasks to can be a huge benefit.

If you lack the knowledge or feel it’s just been too long since the last time you did an upgrade, you are not alone.
This is another common problem company’s face in regards to keeping their OS current. The good news is that iTech Solutions does 100’s of OS upgrades and PTF applications a year, which means we know exactly what needs to be done already. No need to stress over it, we can keep you current.

The final problem is the cost of having someone assist you with OS upgrades and PTF’s. 
Often the business thinks that if you are in IT, you should be able to handle the task without help. They don’t understand the time and effort required to ensure a smooth upgrade or PTF process. When IT requests to have a consultant do work, the business often pushes back.

Costs become an instant barrier and as a result the OS gets further and further behind. iTech Solutions offers a new service that can help you keep your OS current for a very low monthly fee. The best part is the monthly fee is so low, that the business can easily justify the cost of the service.

Contact iTech about an OS Upgrade or PTFs

The good news is that regardless of which problem you face when trying to keep your OS current, iTech Solutions can help you. 

We’ve developed a process that makes it easy for us to assist our customers with OS upgrades and PTF maintenance.  We can offer these services either on an as requested basis or through our proactive subscription offering. Regardless of which option works best for you, we can help your company to take advantage of the benefits of paying SWMA. Why wouldn’t you want to improve security, ensure availability and take advantage of new features?

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