8 Important Tips for Upgrading your MIMIX Environment

Amy Upton, Technician at iTech Solutions
Amy Upton, iTech Solutions

Here are 8 helpful hints for upgrading your MIMIX environment. It is important to keep you MIMIX environment update to ensure you are replicating properly.

One of the most important things with any upgrade is to determine compatibility between the OS and the releases of 3rd party software. MIMIX is no different, and this chart shows you which versions of MIMIX are compatible with which versions of IBM i.


mimix_compatibility_ibmi[ View full-size chart ]

MIMIX Upgrade tips:

  1. MIMIX 8.0 will not be compatible with OS version V7R4, this is still a very popular MIMIX release.
  2. MIMIX 9.0.10 has some bugs for switching, so I would suggest upgrading to the current service pack 9.0.14.
  3. You always want to start a MIMIX upgrade when you have a clean environment, meaning all data groups are synced, no errors, and audit jobs completed successfully.
  4. It is important to be at the same PTF levels on your IBM i for both your target and source, this will help ensure a successful upgrade.
  5. Make sure you’re able to download your MIMIX license keys, from your system or the syncsort website. Your upgrade will get nowhere fast unless you have the license keys.
  6. You can save time on your upgrade by uploading the install files to your systems, ahead of time. This can be the longest part of the upgrade. Be sure to clean up the install images once the upgrade has been completed since they can be somewhat large.
  7. The best time to upgrade MIMIX is during your slowest transaction time.  MIMIX replication will be inactive during the upgrade. MIMIX will process the all the queued transactions once the upgrade completes.
  8. Upgrading MIMIX will not require you to IPL your system or bring your system to a restricted state.

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