August 2019 Newsletter

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Summer seems to have gone so fast as Labor Day weekend approaches.  Where did it go?  How come winter doesn’t seem to go as fast as summer?  I hope you were able to take some vacation, recharge your batteries, relax with family and friends, or visit some great locations. My summer was busy but I also had a chance to enjoy it.

IBM i is growing and so are we. 

iTech had a busy summer as well. In July we added Ron Dolan as Director of Sales and Emily Davis as a Solutions Specialist, and now in August we have added Peg Tuttle to our staff as a Sales Account Manager, covering Minnesota and all the surrounding states.  These are great new additions to our staff that allow us to continue to expand our reach and deliver great services to more organizations.

We enjoyed our baseball games around the U.S. talking about POWER9 and IBM i 7.4 with customers and prospects, it was educational, fun, and entertaining. Look for more events coming to your area as our marketing team is currently working out the details.

Introducing VERIFi

In addition, we have created a new product called VERIFi by iTech Solutions.

VERIFi is an iTech Solutions offering that will give you a weekly status report for all your IBM i partitions. With a single “pane of glass”, VERIFi covers processor and user license compliance, important dates like IBM End of Service for your machine, your partitions’ last SAVSYS and IPL, your PTF and OS currency, FSP Firmware, as well as a detailed statistics section of a last 7 days running to help identify potential problems before they start.

[ Learn More About VERIFi ]

Click the link for more details and to see a sample report.  When you see the price at less than 1 dollar a day, you won’t believe your eyes how affordable it is.

iPOWER Hour Podcast Episodes & Webinars

We had two podcast episodes this month: with Cybernetics on Virtual Tape Libraries, and our upcoming episode is on Installing Power9.  We also had two webcasts, our first one was with Syncsort on High Availability and Security, and the second one was Understanding the Move from POWER7 to POWER9.  These can all be accessed from our website.

POWER9 Playground

During the summer we also created a community version of IBM i 7.4 that we have gotten inundated with requests for accounts.  This machine allows users to request a userid on a 7.4 partition so that they can test drive 7.4.  It’s not for development, production, commercial use, High Availability, nor Disaster Recovery.  We have our cloud, for that. This is for learning, and there is no charge for it.

[ Visit the POWER9 Playground ]

IBM i Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise

Upgrades, installs, migrations also seemed to be happening at a breakneck pace, and it is amazing when I look back at what we accomplished for customers this summer.  As I said last month, it’s the iTech Magic that allows us to get so much done. Our little elves know what to do, how to do it, and when it should be done.  We perform these often, so we have the recipe for success.

Wasn’t that how your last upgrade/migration was? If it wasn’t perhaps it’s time to ask yourself do you have the right business partner?  In fact, is your business partner offering as many IBM i services as we are?  We live and breathe IBM i, we don’t do Windows, or networking, or programming, or anything else.  We do IBM i infrastructure and we do it very well.  Maybe that is what you need?

As the upcoming conference season starts back up in the fall, I look forward to seeing many of you at conferences and other events.  Please come up and introduce yourself, I look forward to chatting.

We have five articles in this newsletter, I hope they enhance your IBM i knowledge.

This newsletter includes:

Introducing VERIFi by iTech Solutions 

Updating the HMC

Hey, We Just Moved a Bunch of Domino Servers from Windows to IBM i

BRMS SAVSYS Bypassed for a Control Group

Release Levels and PTFs

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