Heather Dinho

Alicia Burtness, Project Manager

Alicia has been in various roles in the iSeries/IBM i market since 2001 in areas including, sales, marketing, customer care, and now project management. Customer satisfaction has always been her top priority.

Alicia earned her Master’s Degree in Management & Leadership from Webster University and her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

In her free time, she can be found doing various activities with her husband and son.  She loves Florida and will never pass up an opportunity to go to Disney World.

iPOWER Hour Episode 30: A Recap of COMMON NAViGATE 2021

In Episode 30, Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc are freshly back from COMMON NAViGATE in Columbus, OH, and recap the event.
Listen as they talk about what it was like to finally be back in person after over 600+ days, the new format of the event for both presenters, in-person and hybrid attendees, and the benefits of attending COMMON events. 

Interested in receiving iTech booth swag Pete and Laurie talked about?
Email Heather (hdinho@itechsol.com) to get an iTech branded vaccination card holder mailed directly to you. 

iPOWER Hour Episode 29: What’s Going On With All The Ransomware Attacks?

In Episode 29, Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk with iTech Solutions’ Steve Pitcher about recent ransomware attacks. Listen as they talk through why there are so many attacks happening now, how are these ransomware attacks are happening, and what IBM i shops can do to prevent an attack from happening.