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Tuesday, July 27th to Thursday, July 29th

Join the COMMON crowd for COMMON iNSIGHT a fully eLearning conference that is FREE TO MEMBERS!

This online learning opportunity will be free to members, offering them a convenient way to continue learning by providing access to sessions presented by your favorite industry experts. Connect with the COMMON community through chat rooms and the discussion sections, to interact with presenters and experts. You can also e-meet solution providers and ask questions in our virtual expo.

Register for COMMON iNSIGHT and enjoy access to all session recordings for 30 days after the close of the live virtual event.

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Join us virtually:

Tuesday, July 27th
Introduction to Software Testing
Presented by: Yvonne Enselman


Thursday, July 29th
Daily Care and Feeding Your IBM i
Presented by: Pete Massiello


Wednesday, July 28th
Let’s Show You How Exposed You Are
Presented by: Steve Pitcher


Wednesday, July 28th
Why You Want to Work On the IBM i Platform
Presented by: Richie Palma

Throwback Thursday: ACS Setup and the Power of .Properties

Throwback Thursday: ACS Setup and the Power of .Properties


Thursday, August 12th, 2 PM ET

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Nathan will go over ACS installation and customization using various methods to manipulate the user interface. The focus will be on tailoring the software for user groups with different functional needs. Along the way, we’ll delve into the mysteries of the file and how to maintain it, as well as discuss ways to secure it.

IBM i Disaster Recovery Workshops

IBM i Disaster Recovery Workshops

Tuesday, July 13th


On July 13th, we’ll be hosting 3 different 1-hour workshops that will help you develop a solid IBM i Disaster Recovery Plan.

As we enter the summer and fall months, we’re more likely to experience weather that can cause outages, damage, and more. Not only that — but cyber attacks are at an all-time high, and you simply can’t know what will happen.

What you can expect:

  • Each workshop will have a limit of no more than 10 people to make sure we’re able to have an interactive and personal experience that can cater to you.
  • We’ll provide guidance material to enhance your experience and provide information to help you make decisions when it comes to your Disaster Recovery.
  • Workshops are completely free of charge. The insight you’ll gain may just save you thousands of dollars, making you look like a superhero.

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Sips & Tricks: Data Transfer and Excel in ACS

Sips & Tricks: Data Transfer and Excel in ACS
On- Demand

We’re continuing to provide bite-sized technical sessions to help make your workday easier. Join Nathan Williams as he covers Data Transfer and Excel in Access Client Solutions.

The IBM i Data Transfer plugin for Excel has been unsupported since Microsoft made changes to the way plugins were handled all the way back in Excel 2013. Fortunately, IBM i Access Client Solutions has a method for getting IBM i data into and out of your spreadsheets that doesn’t rely on broken technology.

In this presentation, we will examine how the Data Transfer utility in ACS can interact with both the Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Calc applications quickly and easily.

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Throwback Thursday: Hidden Gems in IBM’s QMGTOOLS Utility Library

Throwback Thursday: Hidden Gems in IBM’s QMGTOOLS Utility Library


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If you have ever had a complex support case with the IBM i support team in Rochester, they may have instructed you to install the “QMGTOOLS” system utility to gather and also possibly send critical problem-solving information to them to help resolve your system’s issue.

The “MG” in “QMGTOOLS” stands for “Must Gather” as the genesis of the tool was a requirement to package a bunch of commands that collect information that “must be gathered” to resolve certain kinds of support issues.

For many of you, working with QMGTOOLS to provide info to IBM on a technical problem may have been the first time that you’ve ever dealt with the QMGTOOLS utility package, and for many of you who have only worked with QMGTOOLS at IBM’s direction on a support case, or, never even heard of it.

Join Marc as he covers hidden gems in QMGTOOLS.