B2B Podcasts – Do You Know What You’re Missing?

Heather Dinho, iTech Solutions

There’s no doubt that podcasts have become the new media Goliath. Podcasting is seeing rapid growth year over year. According to Podcast Insights1, 51% of the US Population (approximately 144 million people) have listened to a podcast, with this number being up from 44% in 2018. Hundreds of new podcasts are being developed daily with no end to this growth trend in sight.

Podcasting is a go-to source for entertainment, education, and news; mostly produced on for the traditional B2C consumer. However, there’s a growing trend of educational entertainment that is matching the listener’s passions and professions while creating a unique B2B listener experience. Listeners can now get fresh content spoken directly from industry colleagues and thought leaders on topics that are relevant to their day to day pains and gains. These B2B podcasts impart relatable experience while you, the listener, get to learn about your industry trends, new product releases, and tips and tricks, all while feeling some camaraderie in the dialog of these people you already know or know of.

As with all new technology and new technology behaviors, the ability to stream podcasts is possible almost anywhere. Individuals can listen on their devices whether they are at work, home, driving a car, exercising or simply enjoying leisurely activities.

Streaming services are on the rise with growing numbers of platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Bullhorn, Castbox, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Luminary, Stitcher, Spotify, Tune-In, and many, many more. If you are not an avid listener, the world of Podcasting can be a little vague to navigate.

Which streaming service should you use?

Pete and Laurie on recording day

For the longest time, Apple seemed to have the lion share of podcast streaming but both Google and Spotify are quickly closing in on that. All 3 of these streaming services can be downloaded to your personal device from either the Apple or Android App Stores.

So how do you find these podcasts?

The quick answer is to go straight to Apple Podcasts or Spotify and use your industry-specific key terms or use those same industry keywords and ‘podcast’ when searching in your internet browser on your work or home computer.

Some of your industry colleagues may already be producing a podcast and hosting directly on their website. A quick search will yield a handful of podcasts to start with. For example, if you were part of the IBM i industry, you might be surprised to learn that iTech Solutions has their own podcast iPower Hour that streams not only on their website, but Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.  A quick google search of ‘IBM i podcast’, or just typing in ‘IBM i’ into the search bar in Spotify will bring you to the iPower Hour Podcast.

What are the benefits of listening?

There are benefits for listening to these B2B styled podcasts as well. Certainly, these podcasts will help increase your knowledge, skill sets and even credibility with your co-workers when you share the information you are receiving. Key insights from industry thought leaders can help you at your next sales meeting, or even help convince your CFO why your company needs to increase its budget for a new piece of hardware.  So, what are you waiting for? Listen in and be a part of the conversation!

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