Check Your Cache Batteries

Bill Hoagland, iTech Solutions
Bill Hoagland

Found and interesting option the other day I wanted to share, it is not new but something I think most people don’t know.  IBM created a program that you can run to display the status of all your cache batteries.  This is great because you don’t need to sign on to SST and take several options to get to the individual batteries to check the cache battery days remaining.  Just execute this program in QSYS – (CALL QSYS/QSMBTTCC). It should run on any system 5.4 or over, you may have to get a PTF for systems older than 7.2. Here is a list of the PTFs you will need, they can be applied *Immed

For i5/OS V5R4MxSI40403, V6R1MxSI40404, V7R1MxSI40406


After you call the command the report will show up on your screen and you can page down looking for all your cache batteries and days remaining. Of course, if you want to be fancy, you can run this in batch and create a report for your operators to check monthly or quarterly.

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