As many of you know, I have long been a big supporter of COMMON, the IBM Power Systems Users Group, having served on its board for a few terms, as well as having the honor to be President of COMMON for 3 terms. I believe that the COMMON organization has the best in-person education in the world. No matter if you are going to COMMON North America, or COMMON Europe, they both help educate the IBM I community.

As with every organization, they have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization is trying to gather information to know how to best serve the IBM i community, and if you could answer a few questions, that would be extremely helpful. It would be helpful to COMMON, but could also help you in that COMMON can create education that would satisfy your needs.  If you have heard me speak, you will have known that I believe that our own education is something we all have to manage ourselves and be responsible for. That means knowing where you can get the education to advance your career and skillsets, what to consume, and how does this makes you more valuable to your current company, and any future employer.

Please spend 5 minutes on this survey.  Thanks for your time.

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