December 2007 Newsletter


Are you getting the most from your System i (AS/400, iSeries, and/or i5)?  Let us help you with any of your System i needs.  We can help you improve performance, upgrade OS/400, perform security audits, implement a High Availability solution, VoIP, Systems Management, PTF management, upgrade an existing machine, or upgrade to a new machine.  If you are thinking of LPAR, think iTech Solutions. 
We have the skills to help you get the most out of your System i.  For more information on any of the articles below, please contact at

OS/400 need upgrading
i5 os logoAre you running i5/OS V5R4 or are you back on an older release? Would you like to get all the new functionality of the new OS, but you aren’t sure what is involved in an upgrade, or perhaps you don’t wish to spend the time to do the upgrade. Let iTech Solutions come in and perform your next upgrade.  See how affordable it is for us to do the upgrade for you. After all, we have already done over 100 upgrades to V5R4 this year alone.  If you are on an older version of OS/400 there is even more planning involved. Let us perform the upgrade while you take care of your other IT issues.  Get to V5R4 quickly and effortlessly with iTech Solutions.

Tape Technology

Back in April IBM announced their next generation tape storage offerings based on the Linear Tape Open™ (LTO™ ) Generation 4 standard, including Ultrium 4. They offer new levels of capacity, performance, and function, with an ideal pricing structure for mid-size customers. IBM’s enterprise-class tape encryption functionality is now incorporated into several LTO 4 tape storage products.

IBM’s new tape systems offer improved performance of up to 240MB per second data rate, which is 50% faster than LTO Generation 3, and increased cartridge capacity up to 1.6TB, double the capacity of LTO 3. These new tape systems also offer improved management functions, reduced space consumption, improved storage consolidation and enhanced library utilization over LTO 3. IBM’s LTO 4 tape drive encryption also helps address data security needs with rapid drive-level encryption for high backup performance; data compression and encryption for high cartridge capacities.

Unfortunately the implementation of the encryption technology is not straightforward and requires a significant amount of up front work to enable the functionality.

If you are using LTO-1 or LTO-2 technology, and you don’t require encription, then upgrading to LTO-3 will give your a quicker backup and more capacity.  Why not invite iTech Solutions in for an analysis of your backup strategy to see how we can improve your backupsContact iTech Solutions

Older AS/400s

iSeries FamilyAre you currently running an older AS/400 or iSeries.  Does your machine always seem “tired”, or in need of additional disk space? Let iTech Solutions provide you with an analysis of your current machines and find out how we can improve performance.  In addition, sometimes it’s actually cheaper to upgrade to a new machine, due to reduced hardware and software maintenance.  Lets work together to analyze your machine and find the best path for your company.   Contact iTech Solutions

DB/2 Web Query

Are you still using Query/400?  Are your users demanding a GUI interface for interrogating their data?  Would you like to creat Dashboards for your executives, with drill down capabilities?  Do you need to modernize your queries for your users? Then you should be looking at DB2 Web Query. DB2 Web Query offers the ability to import Query/400 definitions and enhance the look and feel of the green screen reports, while opening them up to the Web. Add charting, drill downs, parameterization, OLAP-like slicing and dicing to the reports, or view reports in disconnected mode for the end user on the go.  All within a browser with a great GUI.

Let iTech Solutions get you up to speed using this great new product quickly and efficiently.


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