February 14, 2017 Announcement

Love is certainly in the air today, as IBM announces two new Technology Refreshes and a small new Power System for IBM i, known as the S812.

For those people who follow IBM i closely, you will notice that it is a bit earlier than normal (April and October) for IBM to deliver Technology Refreshes (TR), these were announced earlier than normal as they are needed for the new S812 machine.  But it seems that the same levels of enhancements are in the new TRs as we have become used to seeing every spring and fall. Announced today is TR2 for IBM i 7.3, and TR6 for IBM i 7.2.   Again, hats off to the developers in Rochester for all their hard work.  There are new Database Enhancements along the lines of JSON Query Predicates, List Aggregation built-in functions, SQL RPG Precompiler enhancements to generate Free Format code, and new LTRIM/RTRIM built-in functions. Enhanced processing of Index Advice. New IBM i Services for Message Queue Information, Object Privileges, Authorization List information, Set PASE Shell information, User Information, Reset Table Index statistics, and License Information.  In the area of Systems Management, we have yet another new version of IBM

i Java based Access Client Solutions (ACS version 1.1.7).

This just keeps getting better, and if you have not yet migrated to this, you owe it to yourself to move to ACS


Enhancements include CL Prompting, Enhanced SQL Highlighting, Show Object References, and Upload Results, as well as additional filtering for printer output and Integrated File System (IFS).  Database schema support added with additions for Visual Explain.  As IBM i continues to become an incubator for Open Source, there are again additional tools with wget, curl, and rsyn.

IBM announces today a new less powerful S812, on a P05 Software tier.  Yeah, that sounds funny, but really the smallest Power System today, is still more power than most IBM i customers on the low end actually need.  This new box will satisfy that need, with a one processor machine, at a lower cost.  The S812 is a 1-core, 3GHz POWER8 processor chip, which only goes up to 64GB of memory, has 6 PCIe slots, and supports up to 8 disks, in a 2U form factor.  It will only support 15K RPM 283GB disks, 10K 571GB disks, or the super-fast 387GB SSDs.  That is a pretty good offering of disks and will cover everyone.  It is too bad that the 139GB disks aren’t available any longer, as that would have been the perfect match for this low end machine.  This machine will have no virtualization capabilities and be only able to be a single IBM i partition.  There is no ability to connect an HMC. The machine will only run IBM i 7.2 TR6 (or later) and IBM i 7.3 TR2 (or later). It has a limit of 25 user licenses.  By the way, it has the same internal pair of disk controllers as the S814 for IBM i, with 7.2GB of write cache.  So, while IBM is marketing this as less I/O, that disk controllers performance is still more than enough for anyone coming from an older small machine (like a 170, 270, or small POWER5). The S812 uses the 900W power supplies, which are 110v and the machine is rack mounted.  The S812 machine is announced today, available on March 24, and will be in eConfig by the end of the month. In addition to the new S812 machine, IBM has announced some new Tape/DVD adapters (EJ1P & EJ1N), and a new RDX USB External docking station.

If you require additional information, or think this machine is a good fit for you, give us a call at 203-744-7854 and press 3 for sales, or send us an email at sales@itechsol.com .


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