How is your HMC Setup?

We recently had a customer with a power outage and the HMC and AS400 went down hard.  When the power was restored the AS400 was ready to come up, but the HMC had a hard drive crash. If your HMC is set up right you can just push the button on the AS400 and it should start up.  But this time it wouldn’t power on, the reason was the HMC “Power-On Parameter” policy was set to, User-Initiated.  This needs to be set to Auto Start – Always for this option to be available to you.

HMC General Settings

  • You can do this simply by going to your HMC and  selecting  your server(1)
  • Go to General Settings(2)  of your server
  • Scroll down to Power On Parameters (3)
  • Look for Partition Start Policy(4) and change it to say Auto-Start Always
  • While you are there make sure Power-On Policy is set to Temporary (Old B side)
    -Keylock is set to Normal
  • Then select the Save(5) button at the top.  
HMC All Systems Security Settings

While you are checking your HMC you might want to check that your users can connect remotely, so you won’t have to drive all the way to the office to restart your system if the  HMC goes down.  Be sure to test your connection from home before you have a problem. 

HMC User Profiles
  • Go to Users and Security Option (Open Lock) – and click on Users and Roles. Next click on Manage Users Profiles and Access.
  • Select a profile, then click the User drop down and select Modify/View.
  • When you get into the user, select User Properties at the bottom
  • Check off the box that says ‘Allow remote access via the web’.
  • Don’t forget to click ‘OK’ then OK on the next screen to save your changes.
HMC User Properties

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