How to Eliminate Downtime and Keep Business Flowing

According to a study done by Emerson Network Power, 71% of senior-level managers believe that their datacenter is crucial to their company’s success. CEO’s and IT Directors can agree that downtime is a major detriment to business performance, as well as a drain on company budgets. In the same study, Emerson predicted that companies lose an average of $505,500.00 per every 90 minutes of downtime, and sometimes as much as $5,600.00 per minute.

Downtime negatively affects almost every aspect of a business, but for many IT Departments, especially those lacking the needed resources and expert knowledge, maintaining stable system performance can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

There is a way, however, that IT Departments can essentially eliminate downtime all together, and that’s by implementing high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) solutions. With the ability to keep the essential parts of an infrastructure functioning, such as servers, business-critical applications, and storage systems, businesses can now reap the rewards of uninterrupted business service.

Beyond seamless service capabilities, HADR solutions also offer companies flexible growth and system-wide scalability. Unlike older server environments and disaster recovery systems, HADR supports heavy application workloads while simultaneously maintaining critical data, thus ensuring a company’s sustained productivity.

Paired with cloud and virtual servers, HADR solutions can also help companies recover faster from downtime by having a replicated system already in place.  When a system or server fails, for instance, pre-defined procedures can be laid out and executed to role-swap to servers in the cloud – servers that already have your data fully replicated.

Overall, as companies rely more and more on their IT infrastructures to drive performance, as well as business-wide growth, additional plans and technologies need to be put into place to guarantee the long-term operation and productivity of the entire organization. HADR solutions answer this need with flying colors and a great option for companies looking to alleviate costly downtime.

If you’re interested in discovering how HADR solutions can drive the performance and productivity of your company, reach out to our iTech Solutions experts for a complimentary DRHA assessment!

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