How to Fix WRKPRB: “Software problem data for QYCDCUSG has been logged.”

WRKPRBHave you ever seen on your system in WRKPRB: “Software problem data for QYCDCUSG has been logged.”?

Normally this indicates an expired server certificate or an expired Certificate Authority certificate.

You should take the following steps to correct the problem:

1. Go into DCM (Digital Certificate Manager), in browser go to: your system IP address:2004

2. Check if there are any expired certificates or Certificate Authorities, and delete them.

Also, you could delete the index file (QUSRSYS/QYCDCERTI) that has all the certificate assignments and  then reassign the certificates. The file will get re-created when you reassign the certificates to each application.

To delete the index file and reassign the certificates, you should do the following:

1. Check which applications have server/client certificates assigned to them. Also, check which CA certificates are assigned to the application trust lists.
2. Take a print screen of the ‘SERVER APPLICATIONS’ and ‘CLIENT APPLICATIONS’ in DCM.
3. Delete the QUSRSYS/QYCDCERTI *USRIDX file on the iSeries (this removes all the certificate assignments).
4. Assign the server/client certificates to the application IDs, and the CA certificates to the application trust lists.

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