How to Make Your E-mail Server Like You!

As a system administrator, getting email notifications when critical thresholds are hit can help you save your system and be the hero for the day. Setting up your IBM i server to be capable of sending emails isn’t too difficult, but there is a snag that you can run into when your company’s email server is a little picky.

Many email servers are configured to only receive emails from senders (think FROM: address) that belong to trusted domains. The server may happily receive and send emails that are from, but if it was to receive an email from, it would reject it if was not on the list of domains that it allows. The problem with the IBM i server often is that will send the email with a sender name that the email server does not like, so it tosses the email out – never to be seen.

In order to correct this, you first have to determine what your E-mail directory type is set to. The easiest way to look at this setting is to do a CHGSMTPA and prompt with F4.

If your value is set to *SMTP, do the following:

Still on the CHGSMTPA screen, add an acceptable domain to the SMTP domain alias parameter. Then use WRKSMTPUSR to add an entry for the user that will be sending the email.

If your value was set to *SDD, do the following:

Do a WRKDIRE and verify that an entry exists for the user that will be sending the email. If not, use option 1 to add the user to the directory.

After the entry exists, take option 2 to change the entry, and then do an F19 to ‘Change name for SMTP’. You may get a message that an entry doesn’t exist for it – just hit Enter to proceed. Fill out the screen that follows.

You’ve done it!

Make sure you can communicate with the mail server, that your IP address or host name is whitelisted, and that you’ve followed the steps above to make sure you have a domain name that’s acceptable to the server. Then all you have to do is make more room in your inbox!

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  1. What if you want to send the email to yourself, along with others? When SMTP is setup this way, the IBMi sees the domain name as the same and will not send the email to yourself. Any way to set it up so it will?

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