Introducing VERIFi by iTech Solutions


It is my pleasure to introduce to you a new product from iTech Solutions. We first developed this for our Managed Services (MSP) customers, and after so many great comments we decided to make it available to everyone.  While our MSP customers get this report daily, this report on our new offering will be sent our weekly.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an experienced IBM i System administrator give you a report each week on the status of your system? 

What is VERIFi?

VERIFi is an iTech Solutions offering that will give you a weekly status report for all your IBM i partitions. With a single pane of glass, VERIFi covers processor and user license compliance, important dates like IBM End of Service for your machine, your partitions’ last SAVSYS and IPL, your PTF and OS currency, as well as a detailed statistics section of a last 7 days running to help identify potential problems before they start. It is a report that lets you know what is happening on your machine.  See the sample report below.

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The Price

Our goal was to make this affordable to everyone.  At only $295 a partition for a year’s subscription, you will get 52 weeks of status reports letting you know what is happening on your machine. That about $5 a week.  Check out the value of this information in the report below. If you would like to have this report being delivered to your email every week, just click on the link to learn more & sign up.

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