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Why You Should Upgrade from IBM i 7.2 Before You Pay Extended Support

Let me start by saying, if you have a reason to stay on IBM i 7.2 after April 30, 2021, please pay your software maintenance (SWMA) and pay for extended support. However, if you don’t have an excellent reason to stay at IBM i 7.2, now is the time to upgrade. Paying for extended support is often more expensive than paying iTech to perform an OS upgrade. Yes, you read that correctly. If you are on a P10 or higher, it will cost you more to stay at IBM i

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IBM FlashSystem Data Reduction Pools: Hardware-Assisted vs. Software Based vs. FCM

In my previous article, “Understanding IBM External Storage Data Reduction Technology,” we looked at the options available for shrinking your data on disk. We talked about the three main functions available in FlashSystem storage, which include: Thin provisioning – allows you to over-provision storage for each LPAR. Compression – data is compressed and decompressed as it is written and read to/from disk, which saves the system’s capacity. Deduplication – Removes but tracks duplicate information sitting on disk to reduce size on physical storage.

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4 Disaster Recovery Services That Can Improve your IBM i Recoverability

Being prepared is the first step in any Disaster Recovery (DR) plan. That means you need to make a plan and test it. Only then are you truly prepared for a disaster. You need to practice your DR plan if you want to ensure that it is successful when you really need it. When I was a kid, my uncle came over and made sure that we knew what to do if there was a fire in our house. He taught us to touch the doorknobs to see if it

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Why Organizations Should Consider Encryption to Protect Their Data

IBM i has multiple layers of defense, starting with the hardware itself and going up to the operating system. The platform does have some vulnerabilities that if left configured improperly, can result in hackers or even insiders to your company gaining access to data that they should not have access to. It is extremely important to implement the most appropriate security level around passwords, encrypted sessions, and so on. There is another important layer of security that needs to be considered – Encryption for protecting data, let’s look at the

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Understanding IBM External Storage Data Reduction Technology

There are a few high valued benefits external storage can serve up to the IBM i infrastructure stack.  The one we are going to focus on today is something IBM calls “Data Reduction”.  Data reduction technology is known in the IBM Storage world as DRP or Data Reduction Pools and is the backbone for delivering three high-value tools for reducing your overall storage footprint on disk.  That means you have to buy less physical storage to support your workload, saving you some real cash money. Let’s look at the three

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“When we needed to upgrade our IBM Power System from version 5.4 to 7.1, we chose to use iTech Solutions because of their knowledge and wide experience in upgrading IBM Power Systems. Everything was carefully planned before the upgrade. The upgrade went as planned and a few minor problems were quickly resolved. We are fully satisfied with the entire process and will again at any time choose to use iTech Solutions.”

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