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IBM FlashCopy Backups: Is it Amazing Technology or Houdini Magic?

I remember when I first got was introduced to IBM’s FlashCopy backup technology roughly 8 years ago.  An IBM i engineer who started to embrace external storage for small to mid-sized IBM i shops said to me one day, “If we went with SAN storage, we could flash out a full backup of their whole LPAR in less than 15 seconds”.  To which I responded, “Say what?! That doesn’t sound possible! It sounds like some Houdini magic or something”. Being the guy that needs to know how everything works, I

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No. Your IBM i Isn’t Secure

I had an interesting but not surprising conversation with a customer last week to talk about IBM i security. They said: “IBM i is just bulletproof. We don’t have to worry about security. That’s the value of IBM i.” It’s something heard all too often. And that’s my cue to tell someone just how ugly their baby is. I’m not going to sugar coat it because the stakes are far too high. Once again, IBM i is highly securable. Perhaps more than any other operating system ever created. It is

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Why it Matters to Have an IBM i Cloud Expert

With many companies considering a move to the cloud, it’s important to note that not all clouds are created equally.  There are many providers for cloud hosting. Some are application providers who host the application and your data in their cloud, and others host your infrastructure.  Some are experts in the hardware and OS and others are application experts.  You should consider what is most important to your company before you select a cloud provider. It’s important to start with the end goal in mind.  What do you want to

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2020 Software Maintenance (SWMA) ALF Amnesty Program

Has your SWMA lapsed?  If yes, we can help you get it reinstated and save you money. Here’s a short video from Laurie LeBlanc explaining what this means:

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iTech Solutions Featured in IBM’s 2020 iSight Blog

Tuesday, April 14th was a big day for the IBM i community. It was announcement day for Technology Refreshes for IBM i 7.4 TR2 and IBM i 7.3 TR8. In honor of announcement day, Lifetime IBM Power Systems Champion and President of iTech Solutions, Pete Massiello, wrote The Business Value of Keeping your Hardware and Software Current, which has been featured in the IBM 2020 iSight blog series. There are many resources that go into detail of the refresh itself, including Steve Will’s announcement blog, and events like iTech’s Sips

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“When we needed to upgrade our IBM Power System from version 5.4 to 7.1, we chose to use iTech Solutions because of their knowledge and wide experience in upgrading IBM Power Systems. Everything was carefully planned before the upgrade. The upgrade went as planned and a few minor problems were quickly resolved. We are fully satisfied with the entire process and will again at any time choose to use iTech Solutions.”

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