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Navigating Budgeting Constraints with IBM Power Systems and Storage

Let’s face it — 2020 hasn’t been the most stellar year for a lot of companies.  There is still uncertainty about what will happen COVID-19 and the rest of the year. As a result, some companies choose to hold on to their cash and not make capital purchases.  Others have frozen their budgets. With the end of life for the popular E4D coming on December 31, 2020, many IBM i shops face Extended Support. This support is limited in scope.  You can only get a contract for 12 months, and

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Three Compelling IBM i (iSeries) Managed Services Success Stories

Managed Services may mean different things to different people.  To some, Managed Services means “I no longer have to do anything or worry about my IBM i”. For others, it means having someone else to bounce ideas off of and to have a backup for time off.  The truth is, it’s both and everything in between. If you’re an Admin, when you hear your boss talk about Managed Services, you might get nervous about job security.  The truth is we work with a lot of companies who have an Admin,

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Backing Up Your IBM i During a Global Pandemic

The shutdown across the country is something from a movie. A virus spreads across the globe, and no one can stop it.  People shut themselves inside and keep away from other people due to the fear. Businesses suffer because there is no one on-site to make sure that critical tasks that require human intervention. Except it’s not a movie, its real life. To add chaos, we have wildfires, hurricanes, and storms. Many businesses have been destroyed by disasters.  The question is: Did they have a good backup strategy in place

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Options for IBM Storage and POWER9

Almost three decades ago, back in 1997, IBM announced the flagship 9337 Disk Array Subsystem, a rack-mount disk unit that offers 1,084 MB to 33.55 GB of DASD for the AS/400 9406 Models B, D, E, and F as well as AS/400 Advanced System Model.  Back in the early ’80s, I engaged in a benchmark of the 9337 Disk Subsystem on an enterprise AS/400 against the EMC Symmetric system in Rochester, Minnesota.  I also presented RAID technology at a local user group meeting, explaining how to protect the data on

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Getting your IBM i Backups Offsite: What Are Your Options?

It’s not often that we hear the stories of a data center being destroyed, but it happens. If your backups remain onsite, or even worse — they stay in the tape library for a week before you remove them, then you are at risk if a disaster strikes.  We actually had a customer who had a fire in their building.  The tape was still in the tape drive.  Pete’s advice was to cut the cable and grab the tape drive and run. This is not a good disaster recovery plan.

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“When we needed to upgrade our IBM Power System from version 5.4 to 7.1, we chose to use iTech Solutions because of their knowledge and wide experience in upgrading IBM Power Systems. Everything was carefully planned before the upgrade. The upgrade went as planned and a few minor problems were quickly resolved. We are fully satisfied with the entire process and will again at any time choose to use iTech Solutions.”

Remo Grundsøe | FGA Capital Danmark A/S