iTech Solutions Group, LLC. Introduces New IBM i Security Framework and Onboarding Service at Regional Seminar Series in February 2018

DANBURY, CT — iTech Solutions Group, LLC. Introduces new IBM i Security Monitoring Service

At an upcoming regional seminar series, iTech Solutions Group will unveil a service unlike anything else in the industry. This new framework covers in detail all the mandatory and advisory security controls needed, with a dominant focus on the IBM i Server. This new Framework provides a security baseline for the community.. To complement this, iTech has built an onboarding methodology centered on best practice IBM iSecurity Controls Policies, which sets out the terms under which your system will be protected. The methodology also describes the procedures governing how you will achieve compliance and ongoing change control.

The seminar schedule dates are:
February 5 – Providence, RI
February 6 – Framingham, MA
February 7 – Waitsfield, VT
February 8 – Manchester, NH
February 12 – Westbury, LI
February 13 – Norwalk, CT
February 14 – New York City
February 15 – Fairfield, NJ

Pete Massiello, President and CEO of iTech Solutions Group, said “One of the key principles of the new service is to create momentum to drive improvements in security and risk management. Using this service will allow clients to drive their business forwards without worrying about a lack of inside skills, multiple tool configurations and increasingly more stringent legislation. This service is 100% designed to support clients’ current cyber-risk management processes and enhance where appropriate.”

Key Features of the new iTech IBM i Security Service:

    • Monitor the system security: To identify any security breaches and threats and unwanted/unauthorized access or access attempts.
    • Fully control and apply all the security needs and recommendations: To have full control on all security areas and to be able to close any breaches or potential threats from inside and outside the system.
    • Control access to the server: Especially through TCP/IP connections (ODBC, .NET, DDM, FTP…etc).
    • Event Monitoring: Monitor any critical system aspects that may lead to major system crash or performance degradation and send direct alerts to concerned people via SMS and e-mail to be able to take quick actions in order not to affect business continuity.
    • Reporting: Customizable, user-friendly reports bringing all security events to the forefront
    • Capability to close all major audit findings related to security and system monitoring on IBM i.
    • Compliance Reporting: Compliance policies configured and violations reported.

According to Phil Pearson, Chief Information Security Officer, “iTech is hosting customer security workshop sessions entitled Taking Back Control of your IBM i in order to guide and support IBM i customers in understanding how to better improve their security posture and help prepare for compliance and audit reporting”. To register for an upcoming seminar, please refer to the Events section of the website at:


iTech Solutions Group, LLC. Is an IBM Premier Business Partner helping its clients achieve the highest performance, utilization from their IBM POWER Systems (AS/400, iSeries) running IBM i. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, it delivers solutions and services to IBM i clients throughout the world. The company’s President and CEO, Mr. Pete Massiello, has been working with the AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i since 1989, focusing on systems management and technical support. He is a member of IBM’s certification test writing team, an IBM Certified Systems Expert with certifications in IBM i design, administration, LPAR, virtualization, implementation, and HMC management.

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