iTech Solutions Group Shortlisted for Prestigious Cyber Security Award

DANBURY, CONN. – iTech Solutions announces it has been shortlisted for a prestigious Cyber Security award. The category is for the best “Cyber Awareness Plan of the Year”. The winning plan will be presented to the world’s media at a prestigious black tie event in London on June 21st 2018, sponsored by Cyber Security Awards, a leading awards event for the cyber security industry. The Cyber Security Awards, established in 2014, reward the best individuals, teams and companies within the cyber security industry.

The Cyber awareness strategy was a result of a new initiative to improve the security posture of iTech Solutions Group, and it was so successful leadership decided to take that message to iTech’s customers. The following three high level points are at the forefront of the plan.

  1. Identify the directors’ role in cybersecurity oversight.
  2. Identify the standards of liability and fiduciary duty in the event of a breach.
  3. Identify cyber governance related questions the directors should be asking the executives (and themselves) on a regular basis regarding the security posture of the company.

Team members responsible for this program include Mr. Phil Pearson, Chief Information Security Officer, under the guidance of CEO, Mr. Pete Massiello.

According to Pearson, “As a general rule, the business and affairs of the company should be managed by or under the direction of the directors. The director’s ‘duty of oversight’ or ‘fiduciary duty to monitor’ is critical in the wellness of the company and its employees, and customers.”

According to Massiello, “There are plenty of tough questions that directors need to ask senior management and senior IT staff; not just once a quarter, but as needed in order to meet the ever-changing threat and risk environment. We acknowledge that the day where 15 minutes of board attention for cybersecurity was acceptable is a thing of the past. Cybersecurity is the issue of the day. It must be treated as the issue of the day.”

Tasked with generally overseeing the affairs of the company, the directors must now factor into their analysis not only the hazard risk that the company may face (i.e. property damage, flood damage or natural catastrophes, like hurricanes, and earthquakes), but also the cyber risk the company may face. Unlike many other aspects of directing the affairs of the company, like overseeing its financial reporting function and obligations, “cyber” is new for many directors, and certainly far from intuitive. There are basic questions directors should be asking about the cybersecurity program, incident response and crisis management programs, and the potential value of a standalone cyber insurance policy to transfer some of the risk of a cyber-attack to a reputable insurance carrier.


iTech Solutions Group, LLC. Is an IBM Gold Business Partner helping its clients achieve the highest performance, utilization from their IBM POWER Systems running IBM i. As an IBM Business Partner, it delivers solutions and services to IBM i clients throughout the world. The company’s President and CEO, Mr. Pete Massiello, has been working with the AS/400, iSeries, and IBM i since 1989, focusing on systems management and technical support. He is a member of IBM’s certification test writing team, an IBM Certified Systems Expert with certifications in IBM i design, administration, LPAR, virtualization, implementation, and HMC management.

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