iTech Solutions Helps May Trucking Company Drop CPU Capacity from 90% to 20% with a New POWER8 Machine

May Trucking, an iTech Solutions customer, was recently featured in an IBM Systems Magazine case study, Transporting to the Future.

Jim Utsler of IBM Systems Magazine teamed up with Becki Wagoner, May Trucking Company’s vice president of strategic innovation and technology, to tell the story of how they modernized their infrastructure by moving to a POWER8 system.

With the help of iTech Solutions, and other partners such as Group 33 Consulting and Profound Logic, May Trucking was able to successfully move from IBM i 5.4 on a Power Systems 520 to IBM i 7.2 running on a Power Systems S814.

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Because of this move, May Trucking’s CPU capacity dropped from more than 90% on the 520 to about 20% on the S814. They were also able to begin live replication of the S814 in real-time to an iTech hosted Power Systems S822, as well as backing up to a virtual tape library in iTech’s cloud environment. This saves May Trucking over 500 hours of downtime a year.

To sum up the migration, the process was seamless, timely, and successful.

“This is the third box upgrade I’ve been involved in, and this one was the smoothest. With the other upgrades, we brought the boxes in and did our own testing, but that seemed to take a lot longer than this time. I’m very grateful for the help we received,” Wagoner says.

[Read the full case study here]