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June 2019 Newsletter

A Word from iTech Solutions President, Pete Massiello.


Well, June has been another action-packed month. Where did it go?  It seemed like it flew by, but we have been so busy on so many fronts, I can see why.  Certainly, June 21st was a big day in the IBM i world. First, it was the day that IBM i 7.4 became available to the general public.  Then, of course, we all know that June 21 was the 31st birthday of the AS/400. IBM i 7.4 has been full of new features and functions and having played with it now for over 3 months, I can tell you it has also been rock solid.

We did a webinar on June 5thHow to successfully upgrade to IBM i 7.4, which was packed to the maximum that our webinar could hold.

So, there was quite a lot of interest in the new release.  During the beta testing, we did 28 different upgrades to 7.4, testing out many different scenarios. I can’t wait to start helping customers upgrade to 7.4.

Then we did our iTech Day of IBM i Virtual Education on Wednesday, June 26, with 6 sessions:

  • IBM i and Our False Sense of Security
  • Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rockstar System Admin
  • Live IBM i Q&A
  • Anatomy of a Bad Password
  • Moving from Classic HMC GUI to Enhanced GUI
  • IBM i in a Modern Compute Environment

This was a great success, with a full virtual room all day. We got some great feedback from the attendees, and these sessions can be viewed now as part of our library of videos.  Great job by everyone here at iTech for making this happen.

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This newsletter includes:

Does your system send faxes or not?


IBM i at the Ballpark

[NEW] POWER9 Playground: Test out IBM i 7.4 on a POWER9

iPOWER Hour Podcast: Available Episodes


Release Levels and PTFs


Does your system send faxes or not?

Steve PitcherWe run into a lot of older iron and because of that we find fax cards and Facsimile Support installed every now and again. The question that stumps almost everyone is “do you still use fax?”

That question usually results in someone checking the physical machine to see if there’s a cable plugged into the fax card. No cable? No fax. That’s easy!

But if there’s a cable plugged into the card it’s usually a guessing game for the customer.

An easy way to determine if you’re using fax support is to check file QAFFTLOG in QUSRSYS. This file will contain all fax transactions the system has ever done.

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Chris FlickIf you have an IASP’s and want/need to use the Collect Disk Space Information option on the DISKTASKS menu, it does not have an option to collect data for an Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool (IASP).  You actually have two methods to use.

  • One method to collect data for an IASP, is by using the RTVDSKINFcommand and specify the IASP device name on the ASPDEV parameter, this can either be submitted to batch or scheduled to run using either the IBM i job scheduler (WRKJOBSCDE), or the Advanced Job Scheduler (GO JS). Where xxxxxx is the name of the IASP:


  • A second method, is where you can get the Collect Disk Space Information option (1) on the DISKTASKS menu (below)

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IBM i & Baseball – Join us this summer!

Long Island Ducks GameLet iTech Solutions take you out to the ballpark in a private suite to enjoy a minor league game while being able to socialize and network with IBM i experts and your peers. Food and drinks (yes, beer!) will be provided.

Before the game, we’ll present details on the POWER9 server and the release of IBM i 7.4, and what they offer to IBM i shops.

Upcoming games:

  • Pawtucket Pawsox – July 16th
  • West Michigan Whitecaps – August 7th
  • Manchester Fishercats – August 22nd
  • Somerset Patriots – August 27th 

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[NEW] POWER9 Playground


Ever wonder what a POWER9 running IBM i 7.4 is like?
Now you don’t have to.

We’re opening our POWER9 running IBM i 7.4 as a virtual playground for you to learn, test, and explore.

Get your hands dirty and test out IBM i 7.4 features such as:

  • Db2 for i

  • RPG

  • IBM i Services

  • Open Source utilities

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iPOWER Hour – An IBM i and Power Systems Podcast

Now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music

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Episode 1
A recap of COMMON Conference, POWERUp 2019

Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk to iTech’s Richie Palma and Rick Marcotte about COMMON User Group Spring conference, POWERUp 2019.


Episode 2
Shorthanded system admins?
Here’s what you can do.

Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk to iTech Solution’s Rick Marcotte and Paul Rogers about how managed service providers can help your business.

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Episode 3
Cloud –  Why Cloud or When Cloud Makes Sense

Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk cloud with Frankeni Technology Consulting founder and iInTheCloud partner, Larry Bolhuis. When does the cloud make sense? Why cloud, or something else?

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Episode 4
[Minisode] An Introduction to the POWER9 Playground

In this mini-episode, Pete Massiello and Laurie LeBlanc talk with iTech Solution’s Steve Pitcher about the new POWER9 Playground.

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Power Hardware Age Calculator 

Let us know the make/model of your system, and we’ll calculate the following:

Age of current server
IBM Announcement Date
IBM General Availability Date
IBM Marketing Withdrawal Date
IBM Service Discontinuation Date
IBM i (First supported release)
IBM i (Last supported release)
Most Current IBM i Release
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Webinar Replay:
7.4 Things You Need to Know About IBM i 7.4 


Topics include:

What machines support 7.4
Which Consoles are supported on 7.4
Increasing License Internal Code Space –
how to get ready
Preparation PTFs that would be needed on 7.2 & 7.3 to upgrade your machine

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Upcoming Events


OCEAN TechCon 2019

July 25-27
Costa Mesa, CA

Ocean TechCon19

Join us for the following sessions:

Cool Things in Navigator to be a Rock Star Administrator – Pete Massiello

Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the New Enhanced GUI – Pete Massiello

How to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.4 & 7.3 – Pete Massiello

Tips and Tricks to Improve System Performance and Save Disk Space – Pete Massiello

IBM i in a Modern Compute Environment – Richie Palma



Release Levels and PTFs

Release levels and PTFs


Below is a table of the major group PTFs for the last few releases. This is what we are installing for our customers on iTech Solutions Quarterly Maintenance program.

7.4 7.3 7.2 7.1 6.1
Cumul Pack 19151 19116 19123 17192 15063 12094
Tech. Refresh 6 9 11
Grp Hipers 1 86 149 245 210 204
DB Group 1 15 25 43 33 33
Java Group 2 13 21 36 41 34
Print Group 3 13 31 49

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An Explanation of IBM i 7.4 DB2 Mirror for i

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How to tell if your Disaster Recovery System is a Boat Anchor

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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Cloud Provider 

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What You Need to Know About IBM i 7.4

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iTech Tip Videos

Installing Open Source Utilities Using IBM Access Client Solutions

With 5733-OPS Open Source Solutions now deprecated, it’s important to know the modern and far more rewarding method of installing open source software on IBM i.

Watch Video >

Set up a LIC macro for summarizing encrypted information

If you’re currently using any type of network encryption and want to understand the protocols in use, you can easily do this with a LIC macro. This is quite handy especially if you’re looking at turning off a less secure protocol like TLS 1.0….[Read More]

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