Managing Firmware: Using UAK Management Feature

There are two ways of using this UAK management feature:

  • Manual: A system administrator can manually kick off the process of checking UAK’s expiration date, downloading UAK, and applying UAK. This is accomplished by running the WRKSRVAGT TYPE(*UAK) command. This can also be accomplished by running the go service command to access the Electronic Service Agent on IBM i main menu, then selecting option 20 (Check and refresh Update Access Key).
  • Automatic: By default, there is no automatic UAK checking. The Change Service Agent Attribute (CHGSRVAGTA) command can be used to enable automatic checking, which creates or causes the creation of the job scheduler entry. The CHGSRVAGTA command parameter (REFRESHUAK) can be used to establish automatic UAK management. By default, a job will be run every Sunday, but can be easily customized.

Enablement steps:

  1. Enter CHGSRVAGTA and press F4.
  2. Enter Yes for Enable.
  3. Press Page Down.

Refresh UAK:

Enable . . . . . . . . . . . .   *YES          *SAME, *YES, *NO

Schedule day . . . . . . . . .   *SUN          *SAME, *SUN, *MON, *TUE…

Run time . . . . . . . . . . .   081900        Time, *SAME, *CURRENT


This job scheduler job was created as a result of a PTF for 7.2 (SI58783). This job is in error on your system because:

Message . . . . :   Download and apply Update Access Key stopped.

Cause . . . . . :   Something happened during the process, which caused the  termination. Reason code 2 . Recovery  . . . :   Reason codes and

their meaning: 2 — This is not a power 8 system, which doesn’t support apply key action.


So, in this case (BEVO), you can either put it on hold, or change the CHGSRVAGTA parameter for Refresh of UAK to Enable *NO, and this will or should remove this job from the job scheduler.

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