March 2019 Newsletter Updates from Pete

One of the best parts of my job is visiting and helping customers.  Recently, one of the salespeople brought me on a sales call to a new prospects office.  The prospect was basically interviewing us. I will summarize our meeting with just a few of his questions. 

He asked what separates us apart from other IBM Business Partners, since we all sell the same IBM hardware. 

Without hesitation, I answered our IBM i knowledge, experience, and know how when it comes to your system.  Our team of experienced technical engineers has a wealth of experience, and we are able to use that knowledge to make sure the projects we are doing for you go smoothly and correctly. 

The prospect liked that answer, but I told him there was more.  We give back to the IBM i community in the form of speaking, writing, blogging, newsletters, video technical tips, webinars, and podcasts.  We share our knowledge, and that helps everyone in our community.  He said that was pretty evident by everything we were doing. 

Oh, by the way, they are now a customer.

It is the start of March Madness, I don’t mean College Basketball, but Conference season is now upon us and we seem to be exhibiting, speaking, and attending at so many events the next few months have my head spinning.  

Yet, it’s a great time as I get to see so many customers during this time. It’s certainly a pleasure for all of us at iTech at these conferences.  In the events section of the newsletter, you can see where we will be over the next few months.  Most of the events we are speaking at, trying to help educate the IBM i community.  

In addition, we have been doing our monthly webinars over the past few months.  The first two were on POWER9 Question and Answers, and this month the topic was End of Life on older generations of Power hardware happening throughout this year. 

Our next webinar will take place on April 24th at 1PM ET. Steve Pitcher will be presenting Rapid Fire Admin, offering tips from command line to shell to IBM Navigator for i. Steve will sprint through these tips at a pace of at least two tips per minute, for at least 150 tipsYou can register here.

We plan on continuing these monthly webinars to help you get more from your investment in Power Systems.

Have you seen our latest spring video?

We are also happy to announce that we are launching a podcast soon.

We will be discussing various IBM i topics, with our focus on Systems Management, Hardware, Tips & Tricks, what’s happening in the IBM i world, and various related topics. We hope you can join Laurie LeBlanc and I as we try to enlighten you about the platform, especially as it relates to system management of IBM i.  We have begun recording episodes and can’t wait to share them with you. More details to follow. 

Have you seen our iTech iTips Video compilation of tips to make managing your IBM i easier? You can see them here.

We have also been investing in our iInTheCloud infrastructure. 

Our IBM i in the cloud gives customers the ability to run their system on a cloud partition, from a Tier III Data Center, with redundant Power, Generators, UPSs, Air Conditioner Units, etc.  We can host your primary workload, your High Availability, and Disaster Recovery workload, or both at different data centers. Our new V7000 provides all Flash Storage and encryption at rest for your data.  It’s time you checked us out, give one of our sales people a call to learn more.

This Sunday, March 31 is World Backup Day, and if you have read the iTech newsletter over the last decade you know that I am always talking about the importance of doing backups. 

Ok, maybe if you have really been reading the newsletters you know that I usually get on the proverbial pulpit and yell about backups. 

Backups are one of the most important responsibilities that you have as IBM i System Administrators.  If you ever lose your system and have to recover how would you do it without a backup? If you have ever had a file deleted or damaged and you need to restore it, how would you do it without a backup?  You can use BRMS or just regular save commands to save your system.  How do you know you have a good backup?  You need to try a restore, you don’t want to wait until a disaster to find out if your backups are any good. 

By the way, we offer systems you can rent to test out a restore of your backup to know you have a good backup. So, for World Backup day, at least make sure your backup is complete. 

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