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    • Where has the year gone? I can’t believe the summer is over, and it is November next week. Quite a few things have been going on, first I enjoyed being a speaker at IBM’s Technical University 2 weeks ago in Las Vegas, meeting and talking with so many IBM i professionals is always a highlight of any conference. I spoke on 5 different IBM i System Administration topics, from OS upgrades, performance, HMC, backup/recovery, and IBM i virtualization partitions.

    • Secondly, IBM i 7.3 Technology Refresh 6 (TR6) and IBM i 7.4 Technology Refresh 1 (TR1) were announced the same week as TechU and will be available on November 16, 2019. This refresh includes many enhancements to improve further the reliability, availability and security of your IBM i environment. Some of the major enhancements are focused on DB2 Mirror for IBM i, modernization, increased security, and support for new hardware. Laurie has some more details in an article in this month’s newsletter.

  • Upcoming Webinars and Podcast Episodes

    We are continuing to invest in the market and the community. We’ve had a recent podcast episode on How to Recover Quickly and Minimize Downtime and will be releasing 4 new episodes this month covering, Keeping Your IBM I, FSP, and HMC up to Date with the Latest PTF , Technology Refreshes, 7.2 End of Support, and Women in Tech. Make sure you subscribe to the iPower Hour Podcast to ensure you receive updates as new episodes are released.

    We have several On-Demand Webinars, and just presented a live webinar, Planning for the Unplanned, Understanding IBM i Business Continuity. We have two upcoming webinars in November: Basics of IBM i Backup and Recovery and 5 Things You Can’t Ignore About Your IBM i. You can register for each of these webinars below.

    iTech Customer Slack Channel

    We have also created a Slack channel for iTech Customers, and we sent out invites to all our customers. If you didn’t get one, send an email to hdinho@itechsol.com to get your invite. In addition, we are holding a webinar on November 14th on how to use and get the most out of this new resource. All customers will be receiving an email with registration information shortly.

    Trick or Treats

    With Halloween approaching later this week, already on our minds are scary things, trick or treats, and graveyards. Well, we heard just recently that IBM i 7.2 is headed toward the graveyard, also known as end of support. We wrote about this last month, but it is certainly time to start thinking about upgrading to 7.3 or 7.4. Of course, you don’t want to find out your hardware can’t support either of those operating systems when it comes time for an upgrade. If you want to check, give us a call or drop us an email and we will get on your machine for no-charge. We will look at your environment and give you a 10-minute assessment on how ready you are to upgrade. This is surely a treat for anyone thinking about doing an upgrade. So, why would we do this? Just to show you that we have the experience, knowledge, and know-how to quickly surmise your environment and tell you what bumps you might encounter based upon your configuration. We did over 400 OS upgrades last year. If we show you that we are as good as we say, why would you go with anyone else?

    Another scary item is people telling us all the time, they are backing up their system, but when we look we see they don’t have everything they need for a full recovery. Just two weeks ago, I was working with an account who told me they do a full back up every night. I got on their system to verify this, and they hadn’t backed up the OS and user profiles in 4 years, and the last time they backed up all their libraries was 2 years ago. What they meant was, they backup “all” their data libraries each night. Yup, all 5 of them. If they had a disaster before last week, it would not have been a “treat” but a “trick” for sure. We fixed this by expanding their nightly backup, and instituting a full weekly backup. We can help you if you need it. Why test fate, backup your machine. If you aren’t sure, run our VERIFi product to tell you information once a week about PTFs, disk growth, backups, problems, and a whole host of other information – Click this link to see a report.

    We do have 7 treats for you in this edition in the form of articles below. I hope you enjoy the newsletter, and I am always looking for feedback on the newsletter as well. Please send me ideas, questions, what you like or don’t like, suggestions, etc.

    This newsletter includes:

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