ProtecTIER Backup Migration Made Easy

Paul Rogers, iTech Solutions

Effective with IBM’s announcement in 2018 for the withdrawal from marketing of their ProtecTIER hardware and software products and their intention to announce the “End of Support” for ProtecTIER products to be effective in November 2020, those IBM customers that are utilizing the IBM ProtecTIER products will need to have a plan for moving off the ProtecTIER appliance before the end of this year.

The following ProtecTIER hardware and software products were affected by that announcement:


  • ProtecTIER TS7650G: 3958-DD4, 3958-DD5, and 3958-DD6
  • ProtecTIER TS7620: 3959-SM2 and 3959-EXP
  • ProtecTIER software versions 3.3.x and 3.4.x

iTech Solutions has a lot of experience with the Virtual Tape Library (VTL) environment and we would recommend that current customers of the IBM ProtecTIER products consider the Cybernetics suite of VTL products as a replacement for their environments.

Cybernetics has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of high-performance disk, tape, and virtual tape storage solutions and their product line features cutting edge technologies and features that provide the best Return on Investment (ROI).

As a result of the pending end of support that IBM announced for the ProtecTIER products Cybernetics has put together a “ProtecTIER Backup Migration Made Easy” guide that outlines two easy methods of migration from an existing ProtecTIER appliance to any of their VTL appliances.

You can read about those easy migration methods here.

As with any Virtual Tape Library implementation, it is always advisable to protect your investment, and your business, with a properly implemented backup of your VTL environment for your disaster recovery purposes. That can either mean they continue to offload backups to tape media for offsite storage or they acquire a secondary VTL appliance and locate that in a secondary location for disaster recovery. And other customers prefer to simply replicate their VTL backups to our Cybernetics VTL’s located within our cloud infrastructure and that provides them with the necessary disaster recovery without having additional capital outlay for a secondary VTL.

Whatever your preferred method of disaster recovery, we can help you design and implement a Cybernetics VTL solution to fit your business needs.

Contact iTech Solutions and we will get started on moving to a fully supported Virtual Tape Library solution.


4 thoughts on “ProtecTIER Backup Migration Made Easy”

  1. Chris Villanueva

    Hello Paul,

    Can you enlighten me as to what the main differences (plus or minus) the Cybernetics VTL solution is compared to the IBM partnered DSI solution might be?

  2. Chris… Thanks for your question. Here are some of the key differentiators between Cybernetics and DSI.
    Cybernetics has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and supporting their Virtual Tape Library systems since 1992, all within their US facility in VA.
    DSI is combination of different vendors’ hardware and software which will result in multiple points of troubleshooting and support
    Cybernetics is known to have a better backup/restore speed and higher deduplication ratios and is easier to use and costs less!
    Cybernetics ongoing maintenance is chassis based with no software re-license fees, DSI is capacity based and requires re-licensing their 3rd party software every 3 years
    The only advantage we can see with the DSI solution is when the clients ProtecTIER configuration uses IBM SAN storage then they would only be replacing the ProtecTIER head unit controller with a DSI head unit at hopefully a reduced cost because storage is not involved. This would still result in the 3rd party software license renewal every 3 years.

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