Protecting Your IBM i from Power Outages or Power Surges

If my IBM i could talk, it might ask: Am I protected from power outages or power surges?

If I have a UPS connected:

  • How old is it?
  • How old are the batteries?
  • Is it under warranty or service contract?
  • How long is the UPS uptime?
  • Is there any type of remote monitoring or automatic server shutdown?

With all the changes, what is UPS capacity? And what % of total capacity is UPS? Do I have the needed capacity?

Is all the other equipment protected from power outages/surges?
Are there multiple UPSs  – should consolidation be considered?

Don’t let your server stress over these concerns!

iTech Solutions has the capability to provide/resolve any of the concerns.

We can ensure:

  • Correct Backup Power is provided
  • Correct input and output receptacles are available
  • Correct UPS Capacity
  • Correct UPS runtime
  • Correct server communication/monitoring
  • Correct warranty/extended warranty

Give us a call or contact us here. We’re happy to work with you to ensure the required power protection is provided.

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