Reviewing MIMIX IBM i Protection Reports

Amy Upton, iTech Solutions

Reviewing your MIMIX protection reports is very important for your MIMIX HA solution. You may have all your data groups synced and your audit reports are running clean but if you are missing replication on libraries and objects you need then you will have issues if you need to switch.

You can access the protection report through the precisely AUI interface. You will sign-on and look at the Analysis tab and this will show you libraries, directories, and folders status of replication. The goal is to have no libraries or objects that are not in a NONE status.

Status meanings

  • None- No replication and you can add to replication from this screen or mark it to be ignored if you do not need it to replicate.
  • Partially protected- This status is ok if you have objects excluded but if you do not, you have an issue with replication and need to investigate
  • Protected- Mimix is replicating and all libraries or objects are protected.

You want to run this report again once you have made all your changes and review. The report should be set up to run daily automatically but you can run it anytime and this report should not take very long but will depend on your system.

You want to review these reports with your team to make sure you have everything you need in case you need to exercise your HA and switch. You want to check this report when you check your MIMIX environment to make sure no new libraries or objects were created and not added to replication.

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