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Pete Massiello President, iTech Solutions

I am writing this from Austin, Texas, where IBM has gathered all the IBM Power Systems Champions for a 2-day meeting.  There are a lot of great presentations, but I’m also enjoying just being able to talk with everyone and share knowledge. To me, that is the best benefit. There is more Power Systems knowledge and diverse Power Systems knowledge in that room than anywhere else on the planet.  It’s a privilege that I can sit in the same room as them, and an honor that I call so many of them good friends.  I am having a great time.

Speaking of another great time, 2 weeks ago down in Indianapolis, COMMON held their Fall Conference.  I always enjoy getting a chance to speak with our customers, meet new customers, and share some knowledge as a speaker.

IBM Announcement & Updates

Well, I guess the big news out. IBM recently made an announcement regarding IBM i 7.2 end of marketing and end of support. You can view the official announcement from IBM here. We knew this was coming, because in the spring when IBM announced the 7.4 release, there was a Technology Refresh for 7.3, but there was nothing for 7.2. The handwriting was on the wall. Remember, IBM released IBM i 7.2 in November 2014, so it would be almost a 6.5-year-old operating system by the time end of support is reached. That is a long time.

We also know that every spring and fall, which is about every 6 months, IBM has been coming out with a new Technology Refresh.  I expect that you should be hearing about something soon, considering that the last Technology Refresh was announced in April, which aligns the calendar to something to be announced shortly.  It continues to show IBM’s commitment to IBM i, and their investment in the same.

I am always asked how is IBM i doing. IBM has stated that they now have 7 consecutive quarters of growth on Power Systems, which is very impressive.  While IBM doesn’t release details within the Power Systems family, IBM i makes up a good portion of Power Systems revenue and has had similar results.  This is great news, and as the saying goes, when the tide comes in, all boats in the harbor rise.

If you are on IBM i, you are on the right boat.  In fact, Gartner has recently released a whitepaper, Considering Leaving Legacy IBM Platforms? Beware, as Cost Savings May Disappoint, While Risking Quality.  Over the years, Gartner has not always been to pro-IBM i, so it is good to see they are finally learning what we all knew for years.

Upcoming Webinars and Podcast Episodes

We are continuing to invest in the market and the community. We’ve had recent podcast episodes on Installing POWER9, What’s New on Open Source, and an upcoming episode with Becki Wagoner from May Trucking on their move to a POWER8 machine. We also have several on-demand webinars, as well as an upcoming live webinar, Planning for the Unplanned, Understanding IBM i Business Continuity. We have also created a Slack channel for iTech Customers, and we are in the process of rolling that out.

ibm i business continuity webinar

VERIFi by iTech Solutions

We have had a great response to our VERIFi product that provides weekly statistics about your environments.  We rolled it out last month, and we are continuing to improve and add additional information to the weekly report which is delivered directly to your email inbox once a week. Visit the VERIFi page to get more details and to see a sample report.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter. In an effort to help us provide the most helpful content, we are always looking for feedback on the newsletter.  Please send me ideas, questions, what you like or don’t like, suggestions, etc.

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