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BRMS Setup & Configuration

For companies of all sizes, a backup and recovery plan is critical to an overall Disaster Recovery Plan. iTech Solutions has the experience to help you ensure your IBM i backups are complete.

An accurate backup routine must be maintained to guarantee data is stored securely and is available for recovery. The IBM i Backup, Recovery and Media Services (BRMS) application implements a disciplined approach to managing IBM i backups, while providing an orderly way to retrieve lost or damaged data.
Operating on a single Power System server, a logical partition, or a network of IBM i systems, BRMS is a solution for policy-driven backup, recovery, tape media management, and archive services for tape devices.

BRMS offers companies a means to backup management that will save time and money. BRMS also performs daily maintenance activities related to your backup and allows full recovery of your system in the event of a disaster or failure.

The iTech IBM Certified consultants will help you to plan, install, and configure a BRMS solution.

For a standard implementation, the iTech team will:

  • Plan and define a backup and recovery strategy
  • Provide hands-on operator skills transfer
  • Setup daily BRMS maintenance jobs
  • Provide detailed implementation documentation
  • Review process to recover your system using BRMS Recovery Reports
  • Install BRMS software and all current PTFs
  • Configure BRMS to perform basic daily, weekly, and full system backups
  • Configure BRMS to manage off-site tape movements


“Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with iTech Solutions on our hardware upgrade project. I don’t know if it could have gone any better. Everyone is pleased and have commented that they don’t remember an upgrade that has ever gone as well as this one in the past 25+ years. Thanks, and we look forward to working with iTech Solutions in the future.”

Bob Ferris | Vermont Mutual Insurance