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IBM i Partition Setup & Configuration

An accurate, well-planned Logical and Virtual Partition Configuration will not only help prevent server sprawl, but also optimize the utilization of an organization’s IBM i computing environment.

For companies that wish to maximize their systems investment, it is essential not to over-commit or under-commit resources. At iTech Solutions, our experts specialize in server consolidation and excel at designing and configuring multiple partitions to maximize storage space and computing power.

As a cost-saving solution, logical partitions or virtual partitions take existing machine resources and utilize virtualization technologies to enable those partitions to share resources.

These partitions separate workloads by design and configuration to maximize your return on your Power Systems investment.


“Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with iTech Solutions on our hardware upgrade project. I don’t know if it could have gone any better. Everyone is pleased and have commented that they don’t remember an upgrade that has ever gone as well as this one in the past 25+ years. Thanks, and we look forward to working with iTech Solutions in the future.”

Bob Ferris | Vermont Mutual Insurance