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IBM i Performance Analysis

In today’s world, businesses require systems that possess the flexibility to meet varying demands. iTech Solutions can help you to ensure that your IBM i is performing at it’s peak.

As companies grow and experience spikes in the use of their IBM Power Systems, the hardware must be monitored and optimized to maximize investment. Slower response times are only one of the many indications that your company has outgrown its current configuration.

Fortunately, the IBM Power Systems servers and the IBM i Operating System (OS) can adapt to today’s changing on-demand world, but not without necessary upgrades to keep systems up-to-speed.

Power Systems and IBM i require periodic tuning and analysis in order to continue operating at peak performance. iTech’s IBM Certified Power Systems and IBM i experts can provide a complete system analysis and identify opportunities to boost system performance and enhance user satisfaction. Based on our findings we may:

  • Adjust the system memory pools activity levels for optimum performance
  • Utilize Expert Cache
  • Change your existing performance values to better utilize existing system resources
  • Suggest additional hardware to maximize performance and throughput
  • Recommend missing PTFs or required Operating System upgrades

Want to replicate but don’t have a second machine? Our IBM i High Availability SaaS offers a solution that’s easy to implement to save company budgets, time, and labor.


“Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with iTech Solutions on our hardware upgrade project. I don’t know if it could have gone any better. Everyone is pleased and have commented that they don’t remember an upgrade that has ever gone as well as this one in the past 25+ years. Thanks, and we look forward to working with iTech Solutions in the future.”

Bob Ferris | Vermont Mutual Insurance