Setting a Target System in Navigator for i

Steven McIver

Navigator for i has many convenient ways to manage your IBM i system with a graphical interface. You may not realize that in new versions of IBM i Access Client Solutions, you can launch it easily from your 5250 Emulation Sessions by clicking the icon pictured below:

Once you sign in to Navigator for i, you’ll notice one of the very first options on the left side of the page is called Target Systems and Groups. This option allows you to access Navigator for i sessions on other systems in your network. The biggest perk of this is it allows you to quickly access other systems in your network from one window. It also helps in a pinch when you don’t have a route to Navigator for i on another system from your PC but the system you connect to Navigator for i on does, or the Admin instance is just not working on that other system. You can sometimes still access Navigator for i on that remote system by using the Target System option.

To get started, click on Target Systems and Groups. In this example we will create a new Target system, so click on the Target Systems link.

Click on the Add Target System button to add a system. For System name, key in the host name or IP address of the target system. Enter a valid profile to authenticate with on the remote system. Then give it an easy to identify description. Click OK.

The system will then show up under your list of systems. Select the radio button next to it, and the click on the Set As Target System button. Click OK when prompted with the name and password.

You will be advised to close any tabs in Navigator for i that you had open. Heed this warning and close any you have open.

You will now see that your Target system (shown at the top of the screen) has changed to the IP or hostname of the target system you chose.

You can now manage the target system using most of the Navigator for i tools at your disposal. You can research active jobs, stop and start services, analyze collected data for CPU, memory, disk, and many, many more things. There are unfortunately a few things that you can’t do while operating in this mode. Namely, you cannot manage IBM Web Administration for i or the Digital Certificate Manager.

Give this feature a shot the next time you’re in Navigator for i. You never know when you might need it!

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